Everyone loves to get away from home to spend some time away from their everyday routine. Vacations are great as they allow people the time to relax and just get away from the daily stressors in their life. However vacations can get expensive, depending upon where you go which can add stress to the vacation. There are many destinations you can go that will allow you to relax without breaking the bank. Spending time in the great state of Minnesota is one of these destinations, so why not plan a trip that is affordable and will be enjoyed by all.


Beautiful Lakes to Check out in Minnesota

The budget can be a challenge to overcome when planning a vacation, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a great time just the same. Minnesota vacations are going to cost you a lot less in comparison to a tropical vacation, so why not see what this great state has to offer. Every region of Minnesota has plenty to see and numerous things to do, so no matter where you go you will find something to do.


Minnesota is known as the land of 10,000 lakes which is what attracts many people to the state. In reality there are over 11,000 lakes in Minnesota with many of them being larger than 10 acres. That’s a lot of water for you and your family to take advantage of.Many people come to Minnesota for the fishing because there are hundreds of resorts that cater specifically to this type of tourist. There are also trips that are led by experienced guides to some of the best fishing areas around. Men and women alike come here frequently to take part in this exciting activity. The waters are good for more than fishing however. The Minnesota lakes are great for swimming, boating, water sports, and so much. Finding water won’t be a problem here, so remember to bring a swimsuit or two!


Biking in Minnesota.

Perhaps you are a lover of the great outdoors, well then Minnesota is perfect for you. A great place to check out is the North Shore of Lake Superior. This area offers an abundance of fun activities that can actually be done for free. You can take the whole family hiking along the trails of Minnesota, there are many places where you can swim, fish, and the wildlife and stunning scenery make excellent pictures for that vacation album. Pitch a tent and sleep under the blanket of stars above, and wake to the sunshine and the birdsong nearby. The air is invigorating, yet relaxing, and you will awake refreshed and ready for another day of fun and excitement. The North Shore is beautiful country and is a great place for you to visit and it is relatively cheap!



If you are looking for a little more excitement then visit St. Paul and Minneapolis, also known as the Twin Cities. These cities have lots of fun and exciting adventures and attractions that the whole family can enjoy. There are museums to explore for entertainment and education, exceptional historic architecture, numerous dining establishments for whatever your taste may be, and lots of shopping areas. Of course, a trip to Minnesota wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the Mall of America, located in Bloomington. This four-story mall has something for everyone to enjoy. Shopping isn’t the only thing to do here. There is the stunning indoor Theme Park and Underwater world to enjoy. The mall has something for everyone! Keep in mind that a trip to the cities is going to run you a bit more money than a trip to lake country.


Enjoy the beauty Minnesota has to offer.

Plan your adventures according to season in Minnesota. If you love the snow and the cold weather, are a skiing enthusiast, or just enjoy any outdoor activity in the winter, this is the time to go. The winter is crisp and cold, the snow is pristine, and there are plenty of adventures to be had during the winter months. You may be surprised at the number of hardy souls who come to Minnesota in the winter to play in the great outdoors. No matter when you choose to visit, Minnesota is going to welcome you, treat you well, and invite you back again.