Fun and Romantic Ideas for Her

You’re not waiting until the last minute this year to purchase your Valentine’s Day gift for her. This year will be different. No more ‘on the way home’ stops for a card, a bouquet of her favorite flowers and some chocolates. Instead, you want to show your soulmate just how much she means to you. And you want to do this by getting a special present – one that is just as unique and special as your relationship.

Valentine's Day Ideas for Her
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You want something that demonstrates the deep thought you have given to selecting the perfect present for the love of your life. While the flowers are nice, and so is the candy, they do not make the statement you want to make. A night on the town – a special dinner and a little dancing is a good choice, too. But this still isn’t exactly what you want – you want something more. Let’s think about this, and let’s come up with an answer. 

Your question now is – Where can I find this magical, precious token of my love? And can I afford it?

The answer to the above questions can be found in one of the following ideas. These are things that women generally enjoy having and doing; in fact, she may have even said she would like to do one or more of these things herself. Listen and notice if she speaks of one of these items, or a similar item, and you will be rewarded for choosing something spectacular.

Romantic Ideas for Her
Credit: Southerngirl09

Valentines Day Ideas for Her

Meditation Classes and/or Yoga Classes

Your sweetheart has a demanding, stressful job. Because you worry about her stress level, you think that if she learned meditation and/or yoga it would help relieve the stress. So why not purchase a series of classes that will teach your sweetheart meditation and/or yoga. She will be overwhelmed at your thoughtfulness and your concern.

Meditation for Beginners
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This is a great beginners guide for use at home.

Knitting Classes

How many times have you heard your sweetheart say how much she would love to be able to knit? Does she comment on how lovely someone’s scarf is and that she would like to learn to knit, too? Purchase a certificate for knitting classes from your local craft store or yarn shop. Knitting is also a good way to relieve stress. 

Or maybe she has talked about wanting to learn to crochet, scrapbook, make jewelry or do some other craft. Well then, why not purchase the necessary supplies, and give her a certificate for the classes. Or perhaps there is another hobby she would like to pursue; use one of these ideas to find a truly unique present for your lady.

Valentine's Day Ideas for Couples

Dancing Lessons for Both of You

Go ahead, take the plunge and sign up for dancing lessons. You will be surprised at how much fun you will both have taking the lessons and how much enjoyment you will have whenever you attend a function that includes dancing. This will be a win-win present for both of you.

Cooking Lessons for Both of You

What could be more romantic than the two of you cooking up a delicious culinary delight together? Relationships are strengthened when couples share similar interests. What could be more basic than cooking together? Look for cooking classes at your local universities, kitchen specialty shops and organic grocery stores.

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Other Cool Presents

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 Any of the above suggestions will ‘WOW’ your sweetheart with your cleverness!

In Closing

Maybe she has spoken of other interests such as horseback riding, karate, cake decorating, etc., which are not listed here. If so, look into these activities, and see if you can make your sweetheart’s wishes come true by giving her the opportunity to achieve a much anticipated goal. The best part of giving one of these gifts is it shows that you are attuned to your sweetheart’s needs and wants, and you have listened to what she was saying and the things she would like to do. So whatever present you select, it will be a memorable Valentine's Day gift for her because you listened and you cared.