Have you ever wanted to dress up in a costume that made people laugh for hours on end while still being deemed as being a “great” outfit? Well, the truth is that it is entirely possible, and Mexican costume ideas are the perfect way to make this happen! I have seen many people try to “throw together” some Mexican-themed costumes by wearing a sombrero and a t shirt with the Mexican flag on it; however, those last minute costumes simply won’t cut it!

Some of the best Mexican costume ideas are planned out well in advance....sometimes even months!

The truth of the matter is that I’m here to relieve you of that pressure of planning! I’m here to help you to dress up like a Mexican person in less than an hour!

A Poncho Is The Key To Some Of The Easiest Mexican Costumes

Dressing up in a costume is all about looking stereotypical to what that person/thing would look like; this can be difficult from time to time. However, you are in luck because wearing a colorful poncho is extremely easy to do and will allow you to look stereotypical to the Mexican culture!

Head on over to Amazon and check out the huge selection of Mexican ponchos that they sell! Pick one up that is being sold at a discounted price and you will be well on your way to executing one of the easiest Mexican costume ideas possible! Combine it with a pair of jeans and single strap sandals, and you will have made an awesome do-it-yourself costume!

For an even better effect, wear a sombrero and talk with an accent!

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Women Can Dress Up In A Sexy Tequila Shooter Costume!

I know that many women have trouble coming up with Mexican outfits that they can wear. Ponchos and sombreros are the first things that come to mind; however, they are not exactly suitable for women! It’s not that women can’t wear them, but they don’t exactly flatter their features. A sombrero will ruin a girl’s hair, and a poncho will not show off the curves of her body!

However, there is one specific Mexican costume idea that women can pull off effectively! The tequila shooter girl costume!

Tequila is absolutely HUGE in Mexico city, and nearly everyone drinks it on a regular basis. What better way to represent the country than to incorporate their most well known drink?

This costume involves:

-A Mexican colored short dress (red, yellow, and green)

-A small sombrero

-A pair of high heels

-A bottle of Tequila

Simply combine all of the above items and you will have created a sexy Mexican costume for women all over the world to admire! But what do you do if you don’t have some of those items?

All Of The Best Mexican Costume Ideas Incorporate Mustaches

Although the rest of the world has ruled mustaches out of their “trend zone”, Mexico has kept them running strong!

You have two choices when it comes to incorporating a mustache into your Mexican Halloween costume...you can grow them yourself or simply purchase a fake one from an online retailer! There are benefits to both options.

Growing your own mustache for a Mexican outfit will lead to a very authentic look, and is perfect for occasions that require you to dress up in a serious manner.

Buying a fake mustache, on the other hand, will allow you to create a funny costume that people can laugh at. This option is perfect for Halloween parties that require you to make other people laugh!

Some Other Unique Costumes To Represent The Mexican Culture

I won’t get into detail describing these costumes, but I will definitely list them!

-Male and female Spanish dancers. These are the perfect Mexican costumes for couples because you can act it out by dancing, which is something that you would probably be doing when heading to a Halloween party!

-Raging Matador!

-Lucha Libre wrestler! The one thing that you should be focusing on with a Mexican wrestler costume is the brightly colored mask that you will be wearing; it is essentially the “recognizable” feature of this outfit.

There are literally hundreds of costumes that represent the Mexican culture really well; however, there are only a handful of those that are “worthy” enough to make it to the body of this article! I would highly recommend using any of the Mexican costume ideas that you have read about in this article because they are the “cream of the crop”. You should also be sure to talk with a Mexican accent when wearing your costume...it will really take it to the next level!

Also, be sure to take a look at the costumes on Amazon before heading to your local store because you will definitely be able to find the costume that you want for a much lower price!