It is broadly considered that the bean bag was introduced by Roger Dean, a twenty year old employee at the UK company Hille Furniture - a business that was formed by a Russian emigrant in the east end of London around 1906. Roger Dean, who worked together with Hille, is recognized as by some being the parent of the bean bag. Although his design pertaining to the Sea Urchin seat made it possible for it to mould to the shape of the person being beared, the construction was of polyurethane foam parts, and so consequently rather different to the fluid design of the polystyrene beans inside a modern material bag. It was the Sea Urchin design which introduced him to Hille, and led to him being commissioned to furnish the inside of the newly-expanded Ronnie Scott's Jazz Music Club, in London.

The recliner comprised a dozen pieces of foam and was blanketed in different types of fur. Even though appearing circular, the chair would mould itself towards the curves of the sitter, who can obtain a comfortable seating position of various angles. Some argue that the Sea Urchin is not much more than a modified futon mattress, not that it is so important simply because the Sea Urchin is extensively credited as being the forerunner to the Sacco and what many of us know today as the beanbag.

It was not until 1969 that the beanbag as all of us understand it arrived into existence. Italian developers Gatti, Paolini, as well as Teodora were doing business for the Zanotta Organization and were attempting to develop the perfect form of seat to market to 1960's hipsters and hippies. The seat would have to be pleasing, functional, as well as in-tune with the 60's lifestyle. With the brief defined they set about developing this easy chair and what these people delivered ended up being called the Sacco, or the Socco as it became identified abroad. It was the Sacco that was the 1st present day beanbag - a pear shaped leather-based bag packed with thermocol pellets.

It is rumoured that the Socco was actually a great unintended development that came from a Styrofoam manufacturer where they decide to put all the excess pieces from the manufacturing line into a carrier. Regardless the Sacco grew to become the first present day beanbag.

In the seventies the Sacco grew to become extremely well-liked and brought the pair of fashion designers overnight celebrity. The chair is similar to the present day beanbag. Nonetheless, compared with the common bean bag seat, the Sacco is pear shaped and is produced from authentic high-quality leather, and has a headrest area shaped by moving pellets. It oozes quality, refinement, luxury and consequently was a costly object to create and buy.

 Throughout the nineteen seventies the Sacco was mass publicized but not as the Sacco. Marketing experts needed a name for a replica of the Sacco and they came up with the more obvious name - the beanbag! The difference between the Sacco and the beanbag was that the beanbag utilised inexpensive elements to help make it less expensive for the normal individual. The beanbag would carry on to grow to be an icon of the 70's along with the disco ball, lava lamps, space invaders, Pong as well as Abba.

Throughout the 1980’s the beanbag lost a lot of its stylish recognition and so ended up being relegated to the sphere of “kiddie furniture”. The beanbag grew to be the kid’s choice of seats for viewing TV.

The beanbags popularity wasn’t done any kind of favours when a number of children were harmed and even suffocated to death just after crawling inside bean bag seating and breathing in the beans in the bag. In Mar 1995, the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) in the US recalled some 12,000,000 bean bag seats and demanded all chairs sold in the market place right after that date to have childproof zips.

A beanbag rebirth commenced in the later part of 1990’s thanks to suppliers who started making use of improved manufacturing methods like dual stitching and better fabric together with aesthetic enhancements which aided to make beanbags more durable and desirable.

Throughout the last 10 years the beanbag has risen in attraction and has evolved into more than just an interior cosy seat. You can now get out of doors beanbags ideal for summer BBQs, beanbags for the pool, beanbags beds for your domestic pets, even beanbag stools and settees. Sumo actually makes specialist gaming beanbags. Completely new generations are choosing the beanbag for the first time on account of their 60's lure.