The Philips DC315/37 iPhone Speaker System is a Great Way to Wake Up in the Morning

There are several things that all people need to survive.  Water for one.  Food is also important.  And even the biggest slacker needs a good alarm clock.  Whether it is to catch a flight or just get up by noon to watch the football games on Sunday, an alarm clock is a necessity.  And since today so many people have iPhones, there are many iPhone speaker systems and alarm clock radios on the market.

One of the best iPhone speaker systems I have owned is the Philips DC315/37.  It has very clear sound and is small enough fit nicely on a bedside table.

Features of the Philips DC315/37

Philips DC315-37The Philips DC315/37 was a gift given when I had mentioned that I wanted an iPhone speaker system and alarm clock.  I was not exactly sure what I wanted so I was given this one, and it has worked out great.

One of my favorite features of the Philips DC315/37 iPhone speaker system is that the sound is very clear.  I play my iPhone 4G and it sounds great.  It also worked very well with the iPhone 3G.  In addition, I listen to the radio with it, and I have never had trouble getting a clear signal. 

The Philips DC315/37 is a great size.  At just 7" x 7", it can easily fit next to my bed.  The docking station for the iPhone is right in front and does not take up any additional space. 

But if you are going to have an alarm clock, you want to make sure that the alarm is actually functional.  The good news is that this alarm clock functions perfect.  First, with a feature that is most welcome, the alarm sound gradually gets louder which keeps you from being jarred out of sleep.  Second, there are dual alarms with weekday and weekend settings.  This is great for being able to wake up early for work but still getting to sleep a little later on the weekends. 

You can also set your alarm to be music from your iPhone or iPad.  This is how I typically use the alarm and I have never had any trouble.  You simply set your Apple product to the song you want to use as your wake up, set it on the docking station and enjoy your rest.

Downsides of the Philips DC315/37

There are only two downsides that I have experienced with the Philips DC315/37 iPhone speaker system. 

There is no AM radio dial.  Only FM.  This may not be a problem for some people, but I like to listen to talk radio on AM, and I cannot do that with this radio.

Also, an iPhone does not always fit if you have a protective case on your phone.  I do not have this trouble, but my wife has trouble with hers.  Adapters are available but that can be a little annoying.  But if you are ok with adapters or you have a case that is easy to remove, then the size of the docking station will not be a bother to you.

Where to Buy the Philips DC315/37 iPhone Speaker System

I have seen this iPhone speaker system available at places like Best Buy and Walmart.  But for convenience and potential savings, this product can be found onlineiPhone Speaker System - Philips DC31537

There are many other features of this speaker system than I have outlined here.  For more information on those, take a look at the links I have provided earlier.  My main purpose here was to describe what it is like to own this iPhone item and to let you know that this is a purchase worth making.

If you are considering purchasing an iPhone speaker system, I would recommend this for your use.

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