A vessel sink vanity brings a touch of glamour and luxury inside your bathroom. Vessel sinks can be little works of art, whether they are made of ceramic, stone, glass or even metal. You can find a lot of different styles, shapes and colors, so you won’t have problems on finding the right one for your bathroom. If you intend to remodel your bathroom and to install a vessel sink vanity, find the perfect vanity first, then pick the test of the appliances and the tiles. You can virtually find tiles in every size, shape and color you could imagine, so it won’t be a problem finding ones to go with the vanity. It’s very frustrating to install all the tiles and the other appliances and then to realize you can’t find them vessel sink vanity that goes with the rest of the bathroom. As a general advice, start working on your bathroom only after you purchased everything you need for the remodeling: sinks, shower doors, bath tube, tiles, faucets and any other appliances you want to use. This way, you avoid all the hassle of the last minute shopping for the right item and your new bathroom will be ready in no time.


Things To Consider When Shopping For Vessel Sink Vanity

There are several things you need to take into account when you are shopping around for a new vessel sink vanity. The aesthetic criterion is not the only one you should consider. There are a lot of practical things you have to study before purchasing a certain item. The vessel sink vanity height is one of them. Vanities generally have standard size. However, if you want a certain size – if your taller or shorter then average or if the ceiling is very low or unusually high – you can order a custom-made vanity to the manufacturer. Not all manufacturers offer you this possibility, but you’ll find a lot of small ones willing to do a custom vanity for you. The vessel sink vanity tops are very important. You need a good-quality, neutral top, which will emphasize the beauty of the vessel itself. Vessels are pretty spectacular on themselves, especially if you buy something truly precious, like handcrafted natural stone or glass. If you buy a vessel with a lot of decorations and nice details, you should really keep the top of the vanity as simple as possible.

If you have original vessel sink vanity ideas, you can put it into practice. Hire a talented constructor and ask him to build the vanity you are dreaming about. Once the vanity is build of drywall, you can pick your favorite tiles to finish it.


Why You Should Get Vessel Sink Vanity With Cabinets

Even if you buy an exquisite vessel, your bathroom won’t look good if you have a lot of stuff lying around. Make sure you also get some cabinets with a lot of storage space, for all the soaps, lotions, drugs and makeup from your bathroom.  When picking up cabinets, make sure they fit the vessel. If you have an elegant, transparent glass vessel and matching vanity, you should get the cabinets in a dark or metallic finish. If you choose the classic elegance of natural stone for your vessel and for the base, then you should pair them with wooden cabinets.

When shopping around for bathroom cabinets, make sure they are meant to be use inside the bathroom. Whether they are made of wood or some composite material, they need to be waterproofed. Only buy cabinets that are explicitly sold as bathroom cabinets, unless you want to throw them away after a year or two. If you maintain your cabinets properly, you’ll be enjoying them for many years. The first condition, however, is a proper installment of your vessel sink, to avoid water leaks. If you remodel your bathroom or you install new fixtures and appliances, you should definitely ask a professional plumber to do all the work that involves pipes and drains. If you do it yourself and you get it wrong, you’ll pay up a lot of money on repairing and even replacing expensive appliances.