A Visit to the Holy Land

 Definitely one of the more exotic countries you could visit is the Holy Land - Israel. It may get a bad rap in the press but believe me when I tell you that a visit to Israel offers once in a lifetime experiences that can only be found in Israel. As for the bad press, since when does good press sell newspapers?

There is a reason that everyone wants a piece of Israel (notwithstanding that there really isn’t much to go around) – because it is such an amazing place! Where else in the world can you float on without attempting to float? The Dead Sea is located at the earth's lowest elevation on land and is a salt lake whose water is so full of salt that it is impossible to swim in it. You can nourish your skin with mud full of minerals and if you have a skin condition, it can work miracles.

Perhaps it would have been easier to explain Jesus walking on water on the Dead Sea rather than the Sea of Galilee in the north of Israel but this would be inconsistent in keeping with Israel’s reputation, earned over millennia and attributable to the entire world’s major religions, as a country that produces an inordinate amount of miracles. Meter for meter, there is no doubt that Israel packs in more miracles than any other country in the world.

A big advantage in Israel is the face that it's so small. It saves the time and hassle of moving around, you can stay in one or two places and still see the entire country.  For those of us who enjoy travelling with style, Israel has some great real estate to offer whilst staying for a visit. In fact, Israel luxury real estate has been on a tear for the past five years with record prices being paid on almost a weekly basis. But let us return to the task at hand.

Jerusalem of course is one of the main attractions in Israel, a sacred place for 3 religions and has a very special atmosphere. You can enjoy walking around the old city, bargaining in the market, and eating delicious authentic food.

The best place to finish a visit to the holy land is in Tel Aviv, A city full of vibrant people, great food, parties and beautiful beaches.

In Israel, the desert has been made to bloom, malaria infested swamps have been reclaimed, a world powerhouse in technology has been created, and a first world standard of living has been achieved in record time; all under enormous duress.

And if you think theses miracles are fairy tales rather than the real deal, then your trip to Israel will dispel any lingering doubts. How can a country that was effectively reinvented in 1948, a mere 64 years ago, with what was believed (until recently) to have no natural resources, achieved the progress it has in such a short period of time?

And speaking of miracles, whoever would’ve thought Israel would one day become an energy exporter? Come and see for yourself that the best of everything is waiting for you in the Holy Land.