Unless you have been living underneath a rock for the last few years you will have heard of the Skype. Skype makes use of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) in order to use a broadband Internet connection to transmit your voice to another Skype user or to another cell phone or landline telephone. The first few years that this technology was in operation, the only way to do this was with a PC or Mac, using a separate microphone and speaker system. Now, with modern technology, you can purchase a VoIP telephone adapter which means you can use your landline phone for Skype calls.

Using a USB VoIP phone adapter, your regular phone can be plugged into your PC or laptop with ease. Many people have bought these adapters and got rid of their landlines altogether. This is not only going to make sense economically, it also makes sense because you can purchase a wireless VoIP phone adapter for multiple phone usage. Most people have telephones already in their homes so this is the only piece of extra technology that you will have to buy.

If you purchase a SIP VoIP phone adapter you should expect to receive certain services. Your new adapter should be integrated for receiving and making calls via Skype. When you receive a call via Skype, it will go through your phone in the normal way, you will hear a normal ring tone when you pick up the phone and all you have to do is speak as you would feel normal landline. To make an outward bound call, simply use the phone in exactly the same way as you would normally. The VoIP Internet phone adapter will detect that it is a Skype call. Most of these phone adapters need a PC which runs at least Windows 2000. You will also need 128 MB of RAM or higher, and a processor of 400 MHz or above is required.

Another adapter you can purchase is called the Linksys VoIP phone adapter. This adapter offers two telephone ports which means that you can use it for a fax or analog phone. It has several features including call waiting and caller ID with name and number. It needs to be connected to a good Internet service and the VoIP phone service. It is a very portable adapter so you can take it anywhere with you as long as you have a modem or high-speed router. So, even if you are away from home, you can plug your home phone into this adapter, and the phone will ring when somebody phones your home phone number.

Although VoIP technology is still only in the development stages and the hardware is only in its infancy you are still going to get great benefit from purchasing an Internet phone. The cost savings alone mean that you will make the purchase price back in no time at all. A VoIP telephone adapter will save you a lot of money in the long run because you're using your own telephones and you won't have to be near your computer.