My wife and I bought a home in early 2013 and among all the projects we took on making the house our own the easiest thing we did was improve the entryway by removing to old wooden coat hooks on the wall and hanging an entryway organizer with mirror on the wall.

We ended up buying ours from a local store for a hundred bucks or so but if you search around online you'll quickly find that there are tons of these things in many different price points and in many different styles to choose from.

But why should you get one? Consider this.

Wooden Entryway Mail And Key Wall OrganizerWhen is the last time you came home and placed your keys and wallet down in a random spot and then temporarily lost them? This happened to me all the time.

My coats and jackets were also an annoyance. I would come home and take them off placing them on our standing coat rack in the hallway. Sometimes though I would put my coats on my desk chair, or the arm of living room couch, or on my bed upstairs.

Wall Mounted Entryway Organizer With Mirror

The point is that because then landing pad in the entryway wasn't adequate things would get misplaced all the time.

My wife and I also have the problem of only having a single set of keys to our truck, our mailbox, and our storage shed. Yeah, we could rekey things but it's easier to have an organizer in the entryway that can hold all of the miscelaneous items that no one person can have on them at all times.

Wooden Entryway Shoe Organizer Storage Bench

Hats are a perennial struggle in our home too. I wear a hat almost every day and I have about four that I cycle through at all times. My two year old son sees me wearing hats and wants to wear some himself so we have his hats to deal with along with my wifes growing collection. Without a better system in the entryway the hats can end up on the floor or just about anywhere and everywhere.

And shoes... that's a whole other story. Shoes are so easily scattered that even a basic entryway shoe storage bench is better than nothing.

Do Hanging Entryway Organizers Look Good?

Entryway Wall Organizer Bench With MirrorWhen I think of an organizer I think of a cheap plastic tray with cubbies that I keep on my work desk. I also think of ugly plastic under storage storage boxes or canvas covered garment racks but I don't typically think of beautiful pieces of furniture but when my wife showed me some of the things available I was interested to say the least.

As we looked around we decided that it wasn't worth it to us to buy to biggest and most expensive wooden entry organizer with mirrir but we did want somethign nice.

We ended up getting a basic wall mounted organizer that had a shelf and mirror with little cubbies. The mirror was on top and underneath was a bunch of standard coat hooks that worked just like our original hooks that wer attached to the wall.

Like I said we didn't pay a lot although we could have gotten a really cheap entryway organizer if we wanted to.

All in all if you want to improve the look of your front door entryway then definitely consider this. You may even be able to replace a cheap coat tree in the process.

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