Finding a product with a fascinating image to admire is what Zazzle provides to people shopping online for goods. People like to see creations and they also like to create stuff. Or some people like to do some creative work. I just want to whine and notify others that people I know in real life aren't interested in creating artwork. They aren't fond of expressing the images that they've come up with.

Seeing Zazzle for the First Time

I just found out about Zazzle I guess sometime in May or June 2010. I saw a Zazzle store panel on a friend's blog. I know this person by meeting her on a website that lets registered individuals to earn money by writing content for it. I actually know about CafePress before Zazzle because I registered to be a member of Squidoo. CafePress may be well-known due to its affiliation with Squidoo, a website that currently is highly authorative. Yet, there was room for Zazzle to also become infamous even before I heard about it. The other competitors are Moo, PrintFection, Redbubble, Spreadshirt, and Vistaprint. Please notify me if I left out any other companies. Thank you in advance.

The items that Zazzle has to sell to the public are not cheap. To make up for it, they have special sales going on.

Drawing of a Halloween Witch

Witch Happy Halloween

The whole time while writing this article, I had inclination to provide two links to two different images. They honestly are contextual; I promise you that the links won't take you to a webpage that you don't have any intention of going. I want to show-off my artwork. I recently made my first Halloween image to place on products. I must say because of the background being so rich in the color orange, that I want you to see the mousepad with a drawing of a witch. For the coloring, I used Photoshop. It will cost you $10.95 for one. If you were to purchase the item at a bulk rate, there's a chart on the lower left-hand corner showing you how much each one will cost. The website is actually charging me $10.07 as I pretend to buy this item. I am apparently getting a discount for being the seller of this item. I am doing it to find out what the total cost will be. Sales tax is $0.93. Zazzle is based in California, which recently raised its own sales tax. The Best Value shipping charge is $4.99. Holy cow, the huge total is $15.99 for only one mousepad!! Despite her green skin color, isn't she beautiful? I like the fact that I made her fully competent on walking with one and half-inch heels. I'm picturing her strutting with one foot alternating moving in front of her body. She has her arms up because she is currently giddy. NOOOOOO, it's not because she's going out me. She is just marvelous at frightening children with her face.

Drawing of Elephants Being Abused

Squeezed Elephants

Another image that I want to brag about is one that is emphasizing how the zoo directors are placing large elephants into an insufficient capacity that hinders them to be fully healthy physically and mentally. Yet, rabbits get to be treated in a gentle manner. I feel like one reason is because elephants are not as attractive as rabbits. The image is on a mesh hat. If you are wondering why green, it's because it matches the majority of the background. It's so sad the elephants get closely surrounded by a dull color. It costs $14.95 for one hat. For me, as the seller, Zazzle is charging me $13.75. Sales tax is $1.27. The Best Value shipping charge is $4.50. I don't why it is $.49 cheaper to send a mesh hat as oppose to a mousepad. The total cost to get a hat ship to you is $19.02