It's not just about business and teaching degrees any more. The world of online degrees and distance learning has exploded. There are now numerous colleges that offer online classes to their students. With each school comes a different set of degrees in which to apply for. A great deal of adults are searching out online classes in an effort to further their career. Some adults merely want to start a new career. The options for online degrees are not as limited as they once were. While business management and MBA courses are still the leaders for these types of classes, they are by far the only choices.

Colleges now offer nursing and other healthcare fields. There are complete four year courses or even simply an upgrade of sorts for an already accomplished degree. The newest addition is forensic nursing. This is the perfect combination of nursing and forensic science. This is the type of career that has people collecting evidence, testifying in a court of law and becoming somewhat of the go-between for the legal world and the medical profession.

For the more artistic, there are degrees in art and design. These are offered by traditional colleges as well as specific art institute colleges. Actual degrees will vary according to each individual college. Some of these involve advertising, graphic design, costuming, residential planning and even video game creation. Because of the popularity of video games and overall technology, these are greatly popular degrees. Anyone interested in the creative arts have a great selection of art colleges to choose from.

Television shows have made criminal justice degrees popular over the last few years. These are not limited to forensic science. A great deal of them are involved in the system itself. These involve such things as a bailiff, paralegal, lawyer, victim's advocate, detective, police officer and more. If adults are interested in the legal system then any of these degrees would be of interest to them.

Other online degrees feature technical or vocational trades, teaching degrees, counseling, engineering and even computer programming. These are simply overviews of a multitude of degrees that colleges offer online. With so many different fields to choose from it is easier than ever for adults to earn their degree from home while maintaining their full time job.

It's not just about earning a new degree. It's about learning something new and opening up a world of opportunities. This may include moving up in the company or changing to a more enjoyable career. Whatever the reason, online degrees open up that world.