A wonderful person

A wonderful person is a happy person.  It is better to be a wonderful person than anything else. A wonderful person is a happy person because he possesses all the positive attributes for a happy life. When we refer a person as a wonderful person, we regard this person as always amiable, helpful, happy, understanding, patient, friendly, humorous, and wise, apart from the many other likeable attributes.


You are a wonderful person

A perfect person

A wonderful person is not the same as a perfect person. Is there such a thing as a “perfect” person? Who wants to be a perfect person? First consider your genes. Do you have perfect genes? Or put it in another way; do your parents have perfect genes? What about your attitude towards life? Are you a perfectionist who performs tasks in the most perfect manner? What are you doing now for a living? Is your job or profession calls for special abilities that only a few can perform? Until now how many achievements have you performed and how many accolades have you been awarded? Are you a leader in your own circle of friends or in your community? Do you have the wonderful gift of the gap, or the golden voice of a soprano, or the skilled hands of an artisan, or the brilliant brain of a genius? If you fall short to all these questions, I can understand why you want to be a perfect person. If you had all those qualifications mentioned above, maybe you would have already been a perfect person!

It’s a tall order if you want to be a perfect person. There are a thousand and one questions you need to answer, let alone to pass the grades. Let’s face it, there is no such thing as a perfect person. So let’s forget about this “perfect” person. I think the best option is to be a “wonderful” person, a person who has a great sense of humor, unlimited patience, a passion for love and friendship, an understanding and sympathetic disposition, and most important of all, the wisdom to live life in moderation, contentment and in peace with oneself and with the world.

What it takes to be a wonderful person

Let us see why to be a “wonderful” person is more fun than to be the idealistic “perfect” person. Take the idea of a great sense of humor. No one likes to meet people who are sulky and negative. Being a person who has no sense of humor is like food without taste. Humor is the spice of life. A person with a great sense of humor is always happy. He is less likely to get offended over trivial matters. And a happy person is a wonderful person.

Have you ever met an impatient person? He has little tolerance for most things. Watch the people in a queue. You would see impatient people complaining and fidgeting. It is no fun having impatient people around. Everything will be a rush. This person will want his turn to be first, others can wait. He is suffering in movements and in thoughts. His threshold of tolerance is also very low. An impatient person has low tolerance level. He is always not happy for he has the bad habit of complaining. He cannot relax as he is impatient. His life is a miserable one. So let us cultivate abundant patience and we will become wonderful people.

A person with no friends and no love is a very lonely person. His life is empty, without anyone to love and talk to. Humans are gregarious beings. If nothing else, even the little relationship of the family unit is essential for a person’s sense of security and well-being. We don’t have to live life in a desert, the arid land. Make desserts out of our lives. You know “desserts”, those delicious cakes, pies, puddings, fruits and ice cream? Then we will become wonderful people!

When I was a young school boy, I was miserable in class. The teachers were not sympathetic to me. Have you ever experienced the sad feeling when someone is not able to understand your problems? You would have met a wonderful person if he showers you with an understanding and sympathetic mind, especially in time of need and sorrow. This wonderful person is a happy person when he knows that he has contributed something so intangible and yet so valuable to those seeking solace, understanding and kindness. Be a wonderful person.

A wonderful person needs a certain degree of wisdom; worldly wisdom. The wisdom to understanding that life is not about perfection, but about moderation and contentment. Gandhi once said, “There is enough for every need, but not enough for everyone's greed.” Ultimately, the wonderful person will seek wisdom to live in peace with oneself and with the world.

May you be a wonderful person.