When you start searching online for things like wall clocks, you end up finding a lot of sites that look quite similar. They all tend to give you a bunch of pictures of newer looking clocks or they are newer clocks made to look old. But, what about finding true antique wall clocks? Ah, now that's a different question entirely. And, what's more, how can you learn about what makes an antique wall clock an antique. What are some of the characteristics of them that make them so endearing to collectors and owners alike?

Well, I can't speak to the issue of all those sites with the pictures of the cartoon characters on them or the whimsical clocks that you might see on Ebay. But, there are plenty of good finds on Ebay for all sorts of clocks, so you'll have to do your homework. That is one of the problems, if you don't know exactly what to look for or what they should be made of, it can be hard to be an informed bidder. Really, no matter if you are bidding on an auction site or you're just searching online, knowing what makes an old wall clock unique can be helpful. At wall clocks place, this is what is offered in part. There, you will not just find pictures of a hundred different clocks to choose from, it is more of an informative or descriptive-article style driven site. This is just one place where you can learn a bit before you buy.

One thing about these beautiful antique wall clocks is that they are made so well and have a charm that cannot be denied. Even if you are a Gen-Xer or Gen-Yer, you can still appreciate the detail and craftsmanship that goes into them. While you may still be perfectly happy to check the time on your touch screen phone or other wi-fi enabled device, you can appreciate what it takes to make one. Back when they were used primarily for functional reasons - ie. telling time - the detail that was required to make them was extraordinary. The way that the springs needed to be wound, the fashion in which the gears were not only put together, but fabricated as well, not to mention to the ivory faces and hand painted numerals. These combined with the nicely built and detailed wood case that held all these working parts made them a treasure from the beginning.

Just think, this attention to detail and quality that a simple wall clock attests to is really somewhat of a lost art in some respects. What will we look back on from today and cherish 80 years from now? Will the things we have now even last that long? My cell phone is pretty much either toast or lacks all the new widgets and gizmos every couple years. There is no way that our technology will survive to antique status, will it? Well, I'm sure some things from our current era will be cherished and be able to be proudly displayed in people's homes of the future. For now, you can just hang your wall clocks with pride and know what kind of gem you have.