The Future of Internet

Most people assume that you need to have a business line rental in order to operate a business.  This is no longer true as there are many businesses that do not have to call anyone.  Many of these businesses are small home based businesses that do not need a business line rental because they are internet based.  When they do have to make calls this is often done using a mobile phone and the free minutes they offer.  Of course, when you do not have a business line rental you may not be able to get online; ADSL needs it.  In fact Chief Technology Officers surveyed in 2013 said that they see no future for landlines in business. VoIP, they say, will take over the business world.

This is why many small businesses consider mobile broadband as a viable option.

What is Mobile Broadband?

When you look at mobile broadband for your business you have to consider what this is.  Mobile broadband is the use of the 3G/4G network to connect to the internet through a dongle or MiFi device.  The traditional dongle worked as a key to using expensive software packages.  The dongle would carry part of the software and this would stop people stealing the software and selling it.

However, this type of dongle gave way to what we now know as a dongle.  The answer to the question of what is a dongle today is very different.  Today a dongle is a mobile broadband modem which connects to a laptop or tablet via the USB port.  The dongle requires a sim card to connect to the internet and works on the mobile broadband network of 3G.  It is also possible to get 4G dongles from certain service providers, and 4G is already having a massive impact on the viability and popularity of mobile broadband for business. 

Why You Should Consider Mobile Broadband

While dongles are the best way of getting mobile broadband it is possible to get mobile broadband through a number of other ways including:

  • Laptops with built in 3G modems.  These laptops are a great idea for businesses but they are not that common and could cost more than simply getting a dongle.
  • Mobile phones are able to connect to 3G.  The problem with this is that many people find even the largest mobile phone a bit too small to do much on the internet.
  • Tablets which have 3G connectivity.  These devices will have a sim card in them and use it to connect to the 3G network.
  • Perhaps most exciting of all MiFi Devices. Thee devices act as mobile broadband wireless hotspots and broadcast the signal. You can get 5 devices online simultaneously, so they are great for workgroups and people with multiple devices to connect.

Each of these alternatives has their attractive features.  Dongles and MiFi devices allow your staff members to use their laptops to connect to the internet.  Laptops offer better features than tablets and mobile phones.  Additionally there are certain things that tablets and mobile phones are not able to do on the internet. 

Benefits of Mobile Broadband Instead of Business Line Rental

Before you commit to having mobile broadband instead of business line rental you have to consider the benefits:

  • If you have a mobile deal with the provider you are likely to get even better deals.  Taking dongle deals from your mobile phone provider will often bring about discounts for one of the services.
  • The ability to connect to the internet anywhere.  If you have representatives of your business on the road dongles can help them keep in touch via the internet.
  • Flexibility and convenience is another benefit.  If your company runs off a service basis where software is used to keep track of certain aspects dongles allow your staff members to ability to get onto the software at any time.
  • Dongles do not have to be charged as they run off the computer power. 
  • Some dongles have the ability to double up as a memory stick.
  • Many providers offer incentives for taking their dongle deals.  These incentives can include free laptops, tablets and free data.

If You Decide on Mobile Broadband

If you have decided that mobile broadband is the way to go you should consider what to do next.  The first step is to find a provider who offers you a deal which suits you needs.  There are certain aspects of the deals and the providers that you have to look at:

  • What contract terms are you being offered.  You have to see what kind of contract you are going to be getting as there are two kinds. 
  • The cost of the deal.  Not all deals are actually good and you need to browse to see where you get the best overall deal.
  • The data allowance you are getting.  Dongles will have limited amounts of data.  You have to find a deal that allows you to do everything you have to while on the go.
  • The network coverage zone.  There is no point in getting a contract with a provider that does not have good coverage in the areas you need.  You can find out the coverage zones on the provider’s website or ask the provider’s other clients about the coverage.

PAYG or a Monthly Contract?

There are two types of contracts that you can get dongles on and they are monthly contracts and pay-as-you-go.  As you are looking at this for your business it might be best to get a monthly contract.  The terms for these contracts are usually 12 to 24 months.  Generally the longer you take the contract for the cheaper the monthly rates will be. 

Pay-as-you-go contacts are ideal for individuals who do not use the internet that much.  However, if your staff members are out of the office a lot while working on their laptops it is better to make the investment of contracts.  With contracts you will also get the dongle for free and the data allowance is generally higher. 

If you are not sure about the provider you are going with you should use a PAYG contact as a test.  This way you will be able to see if you get signal where you need it and what the provider’s general service is like.  However, if you do this you should know that you will have to pay for the dongle. 

Although the answer to the question what is a dongle has changed over the years these devices can still hep your business.  If you need your field agents to be able to connect to the internet dongles offer the perfect solution as they are flexible and small in size.  

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