Learn from my mistakes


Barcelona is a gorgeous city and the second largest in Spain. There is something for everyone inside boundaries of this thriving metropolis, and with its beautiful Mediterranean climate, proximity to the sea, rich and varied cultural history, and legendary nightlife, Barcelona has become one of the world’s most visited cities.

Rated the superior Beach City in the World by National Geographic, Barcelona also boasts numerous museums, theaters, concert halls, and sports complexes, and also stunning architecture and multiple national monuments. The city can be explored on foot or via public transport and provides an abundance of opportunities for backpackers. Here are a handful of quick strategies for surviving in the town.

A. Getting There and Staying There
Should you be within a strict budget, make an effort to buy your plane or boat tickets early. Search multiple websites, and speak with travel agents until you find a very good deal. Book a hostel ahead of time too, and if possible, email or talk to other people who have stayed at the hostel where you plan to stay. If you don’t have money for a hostel, bring a tent. The weather conditions are pleasant enough in Barcelona that sleeping outdoors is a possible option. However, if you take the tent route, leave your valuables at home. There is no way to lock up a tent, so unless you can sleep with one eye open, protecting your valuables during nap time can be difficult.

B. Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day
In an ideal backpacking situation, you will find someplace to stay where breakfast is included in the cost. Take advantage of this and overeat. You will keep costs down by eating a major breakfast, making your own lunch to carry along with you. Barcelona has an incredible variety of places to eat and grab a glass or two. Ask around to obtain the cost-effective spots, and if you must eat at restaurants, relegate it to one meal per day, avoid alcohol, and frequent the cheap eateries.

C. Don’t Look Like a Backpacker
Theft is prevalent in Barcelona. Don’t walk around with all of your bags hanging off your shoulders, with your camera around your neck, while looking up open-mouthed. If at all possible, lock your valuables away every day, and just take what you need when you head out the door. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings and, even though it is a lovely city, try not to wander aimlessly.
That sums it up. Bon voyage!