A bride to be

At last it came true: he has proposed and you said yes! And it doesn’t really matter if it was a long decision, if you have thought about it well, or it was a moment decision in the middle of a love tornado. You still can’t believe it is happening: you’re getting married!

On a wedding, the young couple is the center of attention. They are the ones who say their vows in front of God and all of their guests; they have their first dance as a married couple, they are filmed when cutting the wedding cake. Everyone is watching them. And if for the groom all problems are solved with a good suit, for the bride it is a much bigger problem.

The main things that makes a bride look astonishing and unique are of course her wedding dress, her hair style and make-up that have to be well put together. Choosing these can be stressful, because time and patience it takes to find the perfect look, maybe the look you were dreaming about since you were a little girl.

      This year’s bride is quite romantic and feminine, as a mermaid, princess or a nymph from fairy tales.  Top designers were inspired by these characters and they created gorgeous wedding dresses, of light tissues and fabrics. White color is still on top of preferences, but also are the combinations of white with lively colors. Still in fashion is embroidery with pearls and sequins, so you don’t have to worry about jewelry. If you add the sparkle of your eyes to the glow of your dress, earrings and necklaces will definitely be too much.  When choosing a dress, aside fashion, you have to look for the one that meets your taste and style and ofcourse the one that favors your body features.

In all fashion shows of this year, brides are wearing natural and artificial flowers in their hair, so you have to think twice if you want to wear a traditional veil. Flowers are a season’s trend! For decoration of bride’s hair are used all kinds flowers, natural or not. And they can be all sizes and colors, not only small and white, like we were used to. It looks just great when wearing big flowers, with lively colors in braids.

Your hair style has to go with your wedding dress. Long curly hair looks great with a low-cut neck and laces, giving a very romantic, young and fresh look. A more serious dress, that covers your shoulders, needs an elaborate hairstyle, like a knot. A good idea is to go to a hairstylist about  2 weeks before your weeding and to take with you few photos of you in the weeding dress. This way your hairstylist will be able to create a perfect hairstyle that goes with your dress and your face and to prepare your hair for it.

Your look will be in perfect harmony when make-up is added. It is the best if it’s done by a make-up artist. Literary, your face has to shine on your weeding day. It has to be unusual, and covering what is needed, showing only your best features. Also, it doesn’t have to be too bright or too provocative. A gentle color of a lip-stick and face powder goes very well with smoky eyes, which looks great with any eye color you have. Don’t forget that your make-up has to be long lasting to avoid unpleasant moments in the evening, like finding out that your lipstick or mascara is all over your face.
For make-up, like for hairstyle, it is better to see your make-up artist before your weeding, to test the look and in case you don’t like it, to change it. This way you'll avoid extra stress in your wedding day.