Selling should be fun


Selling for a living should be fun, your working career will last at least 45 years and the thought of getting up every morning with
The thought of just another day to get over must be the worst existence I could imagine.

I have been very fortunate with my profession and over the last 30 years there has been very few occasions that I have struggled too
get to work.

For those who are struggling with their chosen occupation I would suggest a serious look at yourself.

A career in selling should never be frowned upon as a last resort when there are no other opportunities.


Millions upon millions are spent on product research every year and without the salesman they would just sit as items in an empty order book.


Unfortunately there a many companies that only invest a small proportion of their budget on sales and sales training.


There are still many sales managers whose idea of a sales training course is literally explaining the Company, product and then very little time on training, the new recruit will be taken out for a Day or two to visit some handpicked clients, who on many occasions would phone with them

Then on returning back to the office the sales manager would run through the sales presentation and off the salesman would be sent to start his new career with little more than a list of clients and a phone book to cold call.

The new salesman would then be expected to bring in orders.

Based on the theory that if enough salesmen are sent out some order will come in and some salesmen will stay.

This will sound very familiar to hundreds of salesmen who have fallen to the way side, and if you happen to one of the few who have stood the test of time you have been employed by are very good company who value salesmen and sales training or you have loved the freedom about being your own boss and have decided to be self taught.

I had a mixed bag of both in working for companies who gave very good training and companies that just kept throwing salesmen at the

I became self taught and as I am now approaching my sixtieth year I still love my work and I am still having fun.

For a majority of this time I have worked on Commission only without any basic pay I have had my ups and downs and had a good life.