So it's november the 5th 2010 and just got done watching an old movie on Netflix called Mrs. Miracle if you haven't seen it yet i'll let you know a little bit about it. You remember the guy who played Dawson(James Van Der Beek) on Dawsons creek? He is the typical struggling dad with two sons who are supposed to be twins, but apparently the studio couldn't spring for actual twins. He is "doing the best he can" with the boys, but they are having a hard time keeping a nanny. Also, he is still heart broken about the fact that he lost his loving wife too soon. The film never explains how she dies, because she is just a plot device. He stopped playing the piano when she died, so remember that it will be important later. So who steps in to save the day as a nanny? Raymond's mom(Doris Roberts) from everybody love Raymond.  

Now enter the soon to be love interest if you have ever seen the show being Erica(Erin Karpluk) then you'd recognize the female lead. She is a little bit more successful running her own travel agency, but she never gets to take trips. They seemed to introduce the fact that she wishes she could get away from it all, but that is more out of place than anything it never gets resolved.  She too has a hard time loving others. Her sister did something horrible to her, but i'll leave that to you to find out. Even tho it isn't much a spoiler, because it too is more just a plot device than anything important.

So the two people end up getting together thanks to a little fate a la little miss miracle. She uses her Jedi mind powers of suggestion to more or less force little coincidences. One of these occurrences is having a teacher fall of a stage, but don't worry she is ok only a neck brace.  The two leads have a cute meet up, and a good first dates. Then a small obstacle of overcoming their hangups, and eventually getting together. Along the way there are a few good jokes, and some honest to goodness tear jerkers.  It was more of a super high quality made for TV movie than a low budget decent movie. All in all it's a good standard issue chick flick that you don't hate so check it out.