As most writers will know, it is almost impossible to write for sites like Infobarrel and Hubpages without constantly checking your Adsense account. Constantly implies at least more than 4 times a day. I challenge anyone to go for 3 weeks without checking. Taking a peek at your Adsense is not only about being addicted but a strategic decision. Why should you check on a daily basis? You check because you feel you might be missing out on something. You check because there might be something new like an update that you might not already be aware of. You check because, that is what you are supposed to do. You check because a voice in your head tells you to do so. No matter what the reasons might be, the urge is real and the desire in strong. Ok, why should you check?

You need to know what articles are bringing in the millions. If an article is constantly doing well money wise, you will want to write more articles related to that subject. It is an industrial strategy and those who have used Amazon to buy anything will know how this works. You by a product, let's say a book about pregnancy. Amazon will then suggest other books that others have found interesting that relate to pregnancy. For example, it could be about dealing with the first three months of pregnancy; how to choose your clothes during pregnancy; how to lose that baby fat; what to expect during labor; how to get your husband to help during pregnancy. As you can see, the list is almost endless. The idea behind it is simple. If someone buys a book about pregnancy, they will likely be interested in other areas of the subject. How does this relate to checking your Adsense account?

Writing is not something you throw together and hope to make residual income. You need a strategy; you need to have luck on your side and you need to dedicate time. Keeping an eye on your Adsense account can be beneficial. Checking your Adsense account will help you see where you need to put more effort and get more traffic. At the end of the day, writing is all about getting some form of reward for your effort. That being said, how does it feel when you consciously go a whole day without checking your Adsense earnings? It is very difficult to be in front of your computer and resist the urge not to check your Adsense account. At times you might not expect to see any changes in your earnings but you still want to check just to make sure. It later becomes a routine that you don't even think about it. You just click, click and click. It is like eating. Your brain and your body tells you that you need to eat and so you do. After so many years of doing the same thing, you eat because it has become a habit. At times you eat just because it is time to do so. You might not even be hungry but that doesn't matter. The same thing tends to happen with writers who earn residual income from Adsense. You begin with excitement, as time goes by, you check because it has become a routine. The day you receive your first earning, you will feel so good that you might be tempted to increase the frequency you check your account. Humans are routine oriented animals. We like to keep some things regular and others sporadic. How many writers would love to have a regular income increase anytime they check their Adsense account? Every writer would love to. This is not because you cannot live without your Adsense income, but because the increase in your income, is a way to measure your success as a writer.

To be truthful, I did suffer from Adsense withdrawal. About a week ago, my internet modem broke down and it took more than a week to get it replaced. I called every single day to get the telecom company to come down and fix the modem. It just took them forever to get their acts together. How annoying that can be when all it took was about 5 minutes for the field technician to fix the problem. In the meantime, I had to fill the days with just writing and not being able to post and check on my beloved Adsense. I cheated a bit as I went to a friend's house to check my account. It was always on my mind just like the song by Willie Nelson. When I was not near the computer it was easy just to carry on without thinking about how much millions I might have made. It was strange to realize how quickly one can get into the habit and become obsessed with Adsense. I something wondered what my life was like before I came in contact with Adsense. How many of us would like to go back to a time when Internet didn't even exist. I think most writers would die a painful slow death if they are no longer able to publish their thoughts on the web. So what is my next step? I hope that my internet connection will never break down again. Maybe the key to staying off Adsense is knowing you are guaranteed at least a thousand dollars per month. I doubt that will help. The more you earn, the more you want to earn. The more you earn, the more you will look for ways to optimize your writing and improve your Google ranking. The more you earn, the more Adsense will become a part or an extension of your brain and fingers. There is no way you can get out of the vicious cycle. You could of course delete all your articles and sign off Adsense. How many writers are willing to do that? None, not even those who have been writing for well over a year and are nowhere near the 100 dollars payout. Writing is addictive and so is checking your Adsense. As of this writing, there is no antidote to wean anyone off that addiction.