A few advisory notes to aid you to reduce fuel requirements in your Mitsubishi

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And as fuel is getting more expensive this is something that most drivers should be considering. This is especially true if you end up driving plenty because of work needs, home responsibilities or other instances.

So here are tips to help you make the right steps towards optimum fuel usage in your Mitsubishi.

1. Initially go slow when you hit the road. Reduce your speed to reduce your fuel consumption considerably. This is probably not the funkiest way to use less fuel but it is an indispensable method, so save your dosh and reduce your speed today! You'll witness that this is effective because you don't need to hit the gas pedal all the way down to keep your speed at the right level. This is because a moving car already has a certain amount of momentum, thus it takes a lower amount of fuel to keep a constant speed going.

2. You should also check your tyre pressure. The presence of under-inflated tyres can reduce your MPG as they cause an increase in road resistance which burns more fuel than fully inflated tyres. Also resistance works to pull back the Mitsubishi so to get to back to the initial peak of speed you'll have to consume more fuel. Due to the fact that pressure falls over each month of the year take a look at your tyre pressure at least once in that time.

3. Regularly check your air filter. Air is restricted from going to the engine if a filter is blocked, which affects performance levels badly. This happens because the engine needs to cool down; it will seriously overheat otherwise and not do its job properly. If light can be seen through the filter then it's probably quite new.

4. Say no to contemporary Mitsubishi devices. Have a go at opening the window instead of turning on the A.C., this will let some of the heat escape and give the fresh summer air a chance to move inside the motor car. Moreover it will put less of a burden on your energy and up fuel consumption.

5. Downsize. If you are in the market for a new Mitsubishi then perhaps get a diminutive make that champions fuel efficiency. Right now there are a number of Mitsubishi leasing deals from that may be far more economical than your current Mitsubishi as well as good for the environment too.

6. Alternatively, if you are reallt happy with your Mitsubishi then ensure you don't have too much weight inside of it. By keeping the boot filled up you'll end up with an extra 40 or 50 lbs of dead-weight. All that this extra weight does is increase fuel-consumption, so take everything out of the boot and save mounds of cash.

7. Have a bash at car pooling. Taking in mind that the average worker travels 30 miles in their commute to reach their place of work, and spends 240 days of the year working, the decision to carpool will cause a reduction in the amount of miles one drives each year by 3,600 - a grand saving of 180 gallons of gas. A reduction like this is wicked and put less of a strain on your pocket.

By following these quality guidelines you should reduce your fuel consumption save capital and even save the earth.