How to find a good place to live and move there ?

Eight points you might consider:

1. City or village?

The first decision; do you enjoy all the attractions it has to offer you a large city? Or maybe all the advantages of a small town or rural areas are more compelling for you? Maybe you like being wake up by urban traffic or prefer sing of birds ?

If you cannot decide – the suburbs are able to give a feeling of a small community but not as busy as the urban centers, they can combine the advantages of both.

2. Weather, climate.

Probably the most important detail when choosing a new place to live. But choose wisely! Tropics can be hard to live in, moisture in the rainy season in, for example, Indochina can beat even the biggest sunny-people.

It may be hard to believe but our Polish climate is also unique in its own way, although we do not appreciate it anyway. How many places on Earth can you find where all four seasons can be felt so clearly? Let’s start with our freezing, snowy winter, then incredible heats in summer. Add to this beautiful, colorful Polish autumn and spring. That type of climate it’s unique for sure.

3. Culture, entertainment, lifestyle

Another important aspect of the move. Everyone must ask themselves whether they can live without cinema or theater. Will you be able to give up your favorite restaurant?

Will you be able to continue your development or hobby? Research is first thing for a given location, otherwise we can experience the painful disappointment.

4. Jobs

Money – for some ones most important point. Consider if the new place can offer you a workplace, where will you feel good.

The solution may be for example working in a rich country for some part of the year, where salary give us opportunity to make some extra money, and leave for the rest of the year to these low-cost countries.

5. Safety

You should read a lot about safety in the vicinity of potential new home.

While the collection of information on major cities and metropolitan areas will be easy, if you will get interested in small towns, it can be a little problem with access to accurate data. But often with the help comes local websites or forums.

6. Costs

At last but not least. One of the most important, if not the most important (for some), point in planning the moving.

In the calculation, where it is cheaper or more expensive to live we always have to compromise. There is no cheapest and best place to live in the same moment. If there is a nice, ‘touristic’ town, it’s almost always expensive. Further from the big urban areas should be cheaper but without access to cinema or MacDonald can be an effort for some. Let’s take India for another example of compromise, on the one hand very cheap, on the other dirty city, poor medical care. The decision is up to you.

7. Spiritual life. 
Does the country you plan to move supports the faith you profess? In some places we can be witness of discriminations or harassment. But it is very rare these days. Friendliest religion, if you can call it that, is probably Buddhism (in most Asian countries.)  
8. Transportation, schooling, medical care. 
Moving is always a lot of planning. These plans should not ignore such important aspects as the level of medical care, its cost, access to hospitals in non-rural areas, costs and terms of insurance etc.  
Transportation in less developed countries can turn life into a misery if we are accustomed to our western comforts. No air conditioning,lot of holes in roads, chaotic traffic... 
Moving with the child is much more complicated logistics project, so lets plan it well in advance. If you're parent, check nearly schools and condition to be fulfilled by your child.