As the focus on the environment grows, green jobs are becoming more sought out day after day. Green jobs are allow you to earn a decent income while getting the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile like making the earth a better place to live. The biggest problem with green jobs is that their difficult to find and the listings are extremely location specific.

The best option for being able to work anywhere while still having a green job and that's to start your own business! This may seem like a dicey proposition but, in my opinion, now is the best time to start your own company. According to people like Paul Graham one of the best times to start a business is during a recession and companies such as Apple and Microsoft were started off during hard times. While starting your own company is daunting, there's plenty of help available. In an effort to stimulate job growth the government is providing extra incentive to entrepreneurs (source) as well as funding clean energy projects. Best of all most of these businesses can be started at home and some allow you to do everything over the internet. So what kind of green business are out there for you start? Some suggestions include:

Solar/Wind Installation business – if you're handy with tools and know a thing or two about electricity (and really it's not as hard as it sounds) you can start your own solar installation business. If you're not mechanically or electrically inclined you can still start the business and contract out the work. Trust me, you'll have plenty of other work you'll need to do. You may need to become familiar with your state's renewable energy tax incentives; knowing this will help you advertise and get more business.

Renewable Energy Grant Writer – Speaking of knowing tax incentives, each state has its own tax codes and renewable energy portfolio requirements. Not to mention that there's also a lot of funding (government or otherwise) available for things from energy efficiency improvements (mainly commercial but some residential) to renewable energy usage (solar, wind, geothermal, etc.). Because most people are intimidated by the grant writing process, they will hire a grant writer to secure them the funding. Most of the time the grant writer will charge an hourly rate and it may depend on the scope of the grant. You could consider charging as a percentage of the grant, but this is a risky proposition.

Planning and Land Use Consultant – Back in May of 2009, approximately $4 billion of the stimulus money was set aside for public housing renovation and energy efficiency improvements. If you live close to an urban area or just have a desire for urban planning, this might be an opportunity for you.

Eco-Travel and Hospitality
– Ecotourism is becoming more and more popular as people are looking to travel to pristine natural areas as a way to get back to nature. If you live near a natural area that you think could be a tourism destination (which could be a national or state park or just an extremely unique natural wonder) then you might like this green job. Or perhaps you're one of those truly patient people who like planning vacations. You could advertise your services to find affordable eco-tourist packages.

Green Building Consultant – With more people being conscious of the decisions they make and what affect it has on the environment, more and more people are interested in building or renovating "green". Doing so, however, requires a lot of knowledge of what goes into making a construction material (is it truly green?), what are some of the challenges with dealing with a new green material, is it economically feasible. Not to mention there's a whole LEED standard that goes into the architectural design and construction of green homes. This is a vast field that is growing quickly.

Weatherization and Energy Efficiency Business
– Effective weatherization improvements can reduce heating bills by up to 32% according to the Dept. of Energy. More people nationwide are turning to whole house audits to identify where there building could be improved. Setting up a company that provides these audits as well as performs the recommended improvements can be a lucrative company in any area. Some of the equipment include: Fan assisted whole house pressurization device, combustion analyzer (for furnace efficiency), Fan assisted duct pressurization device, digital carbon monoxide detector, Infrared Camera, Gas Leak Detector. It may be to your advantage to complete a certification course on energy efficiency auditing.

Eco Lawncare and Landscaping Company– Landscaping is big business everywhere and more people are turning to eco-landscaping to improve both their environmental impact as well as their image. Knowing what types of plants are best to plant in your local climate (oftentimes requiring much less watering) as well as how to maintain a healthy lawn naturally without using lots of harmful pesticides will give you an edge over normal landscaping companies.

Natural and Organic Retailer – If consulting really isn't your thing you could think about providing a niche natural or organic product for consumers. More people are turning to organic foods and in general are looking for healthy and sustainable alternatives. Some suggestions include: vitamin and natural food store, organic clothing retailer, organic cosmetics, 100% recycled paper distributor, natural cleaning supplies, and green building material retailer. These are just a few products that are gaining attention as consumers make more environmentally friendly purchases.

Starting your own business isn't a decision to be taken lightly. There are many factors that go into starting a business and it's best to have a plan. If starting your own green business still sounds like the perfect opportunity to you there are a number of resources online that can help; everything from creating a business plan to marketing your product or services to handling legal issues like company organization. Be sure to check out Small Business Administration which is a government website that provides most of what you need to start a business. Whatever green business you choose, make sure you have passion for the job. It's this passion that makes what you do worthwhile and people will recognize it. It's the secret ingredient to a successful business.