Do's and Don't's For The Groom

It is generally thought that the wedding day and the event is the bride's most important day in her life and she is the one generally responsible for the planning. This day is equally the most important day in the groom's life. Therefore, the grooms should never shy away from participating in the planning, and expressing his opinion. This brief article is a collection of do's and don't's for the groom based on my personal experience and I hope that it would be useful for some future grooms.

The brides do generally take over the planning together with the mother of the bride. A groom should always be there to support his bride in her decisions regarding the wedding. When asked, he should express his opinion on the matter at hand. Do think about it first! Do not give a cliche answer. Explain why your view is that way. Point out the advantages and disadvantages. In the end, the bride will make the ultimate decision, but she would definitely appreciate a well thought, genuine opinion on the matter.

When the couple is out for a wedding related event and/or shopping, it is important that the grooms look and be enthusiastic about the process. Don't look like you are dreading the whole day. If you do you, will be ruining her experience as well. And don't forget that you are getting married to this woman, you love her and the wedding day is very important to both of you.

One of the important events during the wedding reception is the best man's speech. Do talk to your best man beforehand about this. Do ask your bride's opinion on what is proper and what is not in this speech and communicate her input to your best man. This is very important. Do not let your best man write the speech without talking to you and your bride. Guys can sometime be clueless to what they are saying can cause. Make sure the best man stays within your cultural, social and religious norms to avoid unexpected and unintentional faux pas (or an oops moment, or wtf). Tf there is a take home message from this wedding advice for the groom, it is "Talk to your best man about his speech!"

Avoid participating in contact sports during the week of the wedding. If possible, don't workout. It is all too easy to get injured playing soccer, basketball, hockey, etc. (insert your favorite contact sport here). You do not want to ruin the wedding experience for you and your bride, especially if she is looking forward to do some dancing.

And lastly, enjoy the whole experience!