An overview of free budget software

Free budget software is designed to help users control their spending habits and get their money management under control. Free budgeting software is not designed to produce complex sets of trading accounts or rental accounts, nor is it intended to be an accounting package for either personal or business use. Free budget software is designed to be a simple and user friendly software package that can be used by any member of the general public.

Advantages of free budget software

There are many advantages in downloading free budget software, some of which are
obvious and some that are not so obvious.

  • The obvious advantage of free budget software is that it is gratis and won’t cost
    you a penny to get hold of, load up and use.
  • Free budget software doesn’t have any ongoing costs and you don’t have to keep
    paying out for upgrades or subsequent versions of the software.
  • Since there are no initial buying costs or ongoing costs associated with free budget
    software it doesn’t matter if you decide to uninstall the software and use
    something else instead. In doing this you won’t have lost anything.
  • If you choose and use popular free budget software you will find a large community
    of users and forums where you can learn how to use the software and iron out
    any problems you encounter whilst using it.

Disadvantages of free budget software

Most pieces of free budget software is written by enthusiasts who want to let the general public know about the software they have produced, and the software will be clean and free from viruses, trojans and other similar things. However, there are some malicious people out there who want to infect computers and spread viruses and what better way to go about it than by giving away something for free, along with the virus? When downloading any type of software from the internet you need to do everything you can to ensure there are no viruses. If the software looks dodgy and your antivirus doesn’t like it then cancel the download.

Free budget software is going to be for general use and is not going to be tailored for your specific needs. You may be able to adapt the software to your needs or you may not be able to adapt the software to your needs and that is the risk you take with free software.

Free budget software is not going to have any technical support attached to it. What happens if you get stuck and can’t use the software? What happens if you can’t get the software to work? You can always search the internet forums for an answer but there are no guarantees you are going to get an answer to solve your problem. If you can’t solve the problem and can’t find an answer to the problem on the internet forums the only real solution is to seek some help and advice from some professionals and this is going to cost you.

Choosing free budget software

So, you have weighed up the pros and cons of free budget software and decided that this is for you. The next question is, how do you go about choosing the most suitable free budget software for you?

Carry out an internet search and you will be presented with hundreds of different types of free budget software. Some examples include Home Budget, Budget Pulse, Budget Master and Budget Tracker to name but a few.  With so many different types of free budgeting software packages to choose from the big question has to be what is the best one to choose?

All the free budgeting software packages are going to be similar and do the same function, although they will be slightly different, which is to be expected. The sites where you download the software from will have a “customer’s opinions and reviews” section so read the user’s comments before you go and download the free budgeting software. Make a note of what the advantages are and what the
disadvantages are. Reviews are a great way to see what the software is like, although you may need to treat some of the reviews with a bit of care. If you search for an independent review of the software you may be able to find a professional review by a specialist magazine, which will also be useful in evaluating each of the software packages.

When selecting which software to choose don’t get too hung up on the details and spend too much time. Remember, the software is not going to cost you anything so does it really matter if you end up downloading free budgeting software that is not entirely suitable for your needs? If you do choose the wrong software all you need to do is un-install and download some alternative free budgeting software. There is plenty of free software to choose from so you won’t have any problems in finding a more suitable alternative.

What to do once you have used the free
budget software

Once you have downloaded and used the free budgeting software you need to spread the word, whether it is good or bad.

If the software is good it is only right you thank the author for the software and let other internet users know how good the software is. Write a review, post some details on social networking sites or tweet it. You don’t have to go overboard, but it is nice to show your appreciation in some way.

If the software is not that good you should also let others know of your experience. Write an honest review and clearly state what is wrong with the software and make suggestions how it can be improved. When writing these reviews try to be constructive and not destructive. The idea here is to try and get the author to change the software for the better, you are not out to slate him to the rest of the cyber world.

If the software is riddled with viruses and nasty trojans you need to let other people know about it ASAP. In these circumstances it is time to let rip and take no prisoners. People who develop viruses and try to spread them are scum and you should name and shame them to other internet users.

Free budgeting software – the final

Budgeting software is very useful and since we all like a bargain, free budgeting software can only be a good thing right? You need to remember that free budgeting software doesn’t cost you anything so it really doesn’t matter if you download an unsuitable software package in the first instance. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you download numerous unsuitable packages and have to un-install each and every one of them. If you persevere you will find the ideal free budgeting software package that is suited to your needs.