I don't know how many times I have heard internet marketers say "the money is in the list". When some people hear the phrase "email marketing" they think of spam and unsolicited email. Email marketing is exactly the opposite however. People subscribe or opt-in to an emal list because they want to receive information from that website.

Sending emails to your list is a great way to remind people about your website and keep in contact with your customers. Emails with offers aimed at your market have been tested to have high conversion rates than with blogs or websites.

It is also fairly well known that people generally don't buy things when they first see them in an email or on a website. It sometimes takes a number of emails to convince someone to buy your product.

It took me a while though to start my own email list. I think initially I thought it was expensive, as a service like Aweber starts at $20 a month. Once, you understand how list building and making money from your list works, you will realize that this is just a tiny cost.

There are several email list providers. When choosing your provider you need to use one that high delivery rates, so your email messages don't end up in your customers' spam email box. I decided to use the industry leader Aweber. Aweber is used by almost every internet marketer that I have seen.

Aweber is pretty easy to set up and put onto your website. They use a wizard interface that guides you through the process. Even non-technical people should be able to get a list set up. Aweber allows you to have multiple email lists for your different websites.

Building a list takes time. If you can offer people an incentive to sign up to your list, you will build your list quicker. I wrote a free guide on my website about how to make money from travel websites. Once people have signed up to your list, they will generally stay subscribed as long as you don't send too many emails and what you send is interesting to them.

Giving away something useful and valuable for free like an ebook is a great way to get people to subscribe. With that list you can then follow up with a paid version of your product. If the free guide was useful and of good quality, you should then be able to sell the paid version fairly easily.

Don't bombard people with useless emails or irrelevant offers. Provide your list with a mix of interesting information and offers and you should be able to explode your earnings with an email list.