Puppy playpens are growing in popularity all the time, lots of people love to have a place to keep their latest edition to the family while they are busy. The basic construction of a puppy pen if very simple in fact a few even try and make their own out of basic materials they find in a workshop somewhere, while there is nothing wrong with this it can be hard to achieve the same quality as a factory built one if you lack the necessary skills. They normally have four metal barred sides a metal barred roof and a plastic tray for the base, as well as a door maybe even two just to make it that bit easier to put your puppy in or take him out.

The basic use for a puppy pen is just somewhere to put him or her when the surroundings are becoming a bit much for them, for example you may be having the shopping delivered and the dog is barking and becoming a bit out of control at times like this if you have a pen you can simply take the dog away from the situation and put them in there. It can also be good at times when you need some space to do something and they are just running around and getting in the way, while most people can put up with this sometimes it may become dangerous and at this point putting them in the playpen can put an end to the risk of them hurting themselves, for example if you have an iron and the dog is running and tripping on the wire a pen could be perfect in this situation to prevent injury to either you or the dog.

There are also some people who believe a puppy playpen can provide a very good base to start training the dog and getting them into good habits and there are even a few who use them for discipline methods. Remember if you are thinking about buying a pen just make sure it is going to be right for both you and the dog otherwise it could be wasted money if you look around you will realise you can even get some with wheels and all other manner of accessories. This is very useful if you are someone who is likely to move the playpen around all the time, a cover would be helpful for outside to protect from the sun and wheels would be useful just to make it that bit easier to move from one place to another.