Brilliant! The sun is shining, the birds are all twitterpated and the blossom is out. Happiness for many, misery for plenty.

Hay fever, that well documented and avertised ailment that blights many a spring and summer, is starting out its eye watering journey through the year.

Strangely named as neither hay allergy or a fever are common traits, instead the common enemy is pollen and the symptoms are varied. From endless sneezing to itch eyes, from impaired breathing to runny noses this common allergy is a real pain.

If your symptoms start early, usually beginning to mid march, the chances are your culprit is tree pollen and namelt the birch. With its innocne t looking catkins, the yellow powdered pollen floats imperceptibly through the air until it reaches the noses of the sufferers triggering a cascade of immune responses.

Seeing this minute particle as an invader, your immune system floods the body with histamine which causes the variety of symptoms we know and definitely dont love in an attemp to rid the body of the enemy.

Moving on through the year, as the tres have finished pollinating, the grasses add their heady pollen mix into the air and up our noses and if youre one of the unlucky ones you'll be sensitive to this too, generally meaning 2/3rds of your year are spent in a constant battle between your body's responses and your need to conduct your everyday life.

At the moment hay fever is big business.With millions of sufferers (1 in 5 according to studies) there's a big market for anti histamines, costing us plenty of money each year.

You will be relieved to hear then, that there are a number of other ways in which to help yourself this year. One of which is homeopathy.

The following remedies have been very succesful in my family as well as in my practice although please consult a practitioner to make sure youre getting the right treatment as with all homeopathic treatment, the more the remedies match you and your sysmptoms, the more success you will have.

Tree pollen 30c for those early sufferers

Mixed pollen and grasses 30c for those who have it all season

Natrum mur  30c when watery eyes are the problem but they dont sting, and nasal discharge like egg white!

Pulsatilla 30c yellowy, green bland discharges from eyes or nose. when symptoms get worse indoors

Sabadilla 30c think sneezing with this one

Arsenicum 30c all discharges with have a burning sensation

There are more but these are the most common and with bottles containing 100 doses for less than a fiver, it would be well worth giving it a go!

Buy your remedies from reputable homeopathic pharmacies such as Helios pharmacy.


Hay fever