Dental injections

One of the things most Dental patients dread when visiting the Dentist is the numbness associated with an injection.  Numbness is a good thing when a painful procedure is performed, but the lingering numbness is not such a good thing hours after the patient leaves the office and tries to go about their daily lives waiting for the anesthetic to wear off.


The fat lip feeling, slurred speech, and drooling are all things every patient has to contend with after administration of the Dental anesthetic and a procedure is complete.  Most patients would love to eat or drink without having to worry about drooling or possibly chewing on their own tongues because their mouths are still numb from the anesthetic.

Half the time

A product called OraVerse from Septodont USA is a local anesthesia reversal agent that allows patients to recover from  anesthesia in about half the time it would normally take.



OraverseCredit: dentistry today

How is it administered?

OraVerse is administered the same way the local anesthetic is given, through injection.  The patient is already numb, so there should be no associated pain with the extra injection.  

Do all offices have it?

Not all Dental offices carry OraVerse, so the best solution is to contact your Dentist to see if they have the product or can obtain it for your procedure.


Some patients may experience injection site pain, increased or decreased heart rate and headaches according to the manufacturer's website.  Talk to your Dentist and Physician about your specific situation regarding this product.


Not recommended for children under age six or thirty-three pounds.  A second injection is needed to administer the product.  There also may be an additional charge for use of this product by the individual Dental office, check with your Dentist about using this product.

While some patients don't mind waiting for Dental anesthetic to wear off in a few hours, others may want to speed up the recovery time.  OraVerse is a product the patient can request to have their Dentist supply for their procedure enabling the patients to go about their daily activities quicker than normal.