Glasgow is a globally known city however like most cities there is more to it than the average tourist will see, here are some of the lesser known attractions the city has to offer.

The West End

Most tourists will focus on the city centre however the west end is lovely.  This is where the museum and Glasgow University are located however once you have seen one old painting/building you have seen them all, focus on Ashton Lane and The Stand Comedy Club.  Ashton Lane is a cobbled street laden with pubs and restaurants and home of some of the few beer gardens in the city, so if you are lucky enough to experience the sunshine in Glasgow this is the place to be - also note Kelvingrove Park is also a great location when the suns out.  Not far from Ashton Lane is The Stand Comedy Club.  This is a great start to a night out and will give you a first hand insight into the Glasgow sense of humour.  The stand has started the careers of many famous comedians so you might be lucky enough to see a famous face or see the start of a new stars career.


This is an American style restaurant that does stacks of pancakes and everything else you would expect from an American sytle eatery.  The portions are also American style so you will get your monies worth.

The Griphouse

This is an MMA/Thai Boxing gym located at the North side of the city.  This is a great visit for anyone who is looking to try a new sport on their travels, top up their fitness or for any experienced guys looking to hone their skills.  They run a series of classes for all levels covering MMA, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and fitness.

Glasgow Film Theatre

The Glasgow Film Theatre combines blockbusters with local films, documetaries and classic cinema.  Basically a place for anyone who is looking for more than the run of the mill cinema listings. 

West Brewery

West is a locally brewed beer and the West Brewery located at Glasgow Green offers tasting tours, a beer hall and a beer garden.  West Brewery is state of the art and a unique day out for those ready to start their day with a new beer.