The Google DanceSome people always use search engine optimization when writing their articles all other people will write all of their articles with the readers interest in mind but will not use search engine optimization techniques. Obviously the best ways is to use proper search engine optimization and target green longtail keywords while simultaneously keeping the article interesting for readers. Regardless of which approach you choose one thing to keep in mind is that you do need a lot of content.

My Info Barrel articles averaged just under $.22 in earnings last month that means I had over 800 articles and each one of them averaged just under $.22 in earnings. I had numerous articles that earn nothing while other articles earn five dollars or more. Most of my info barrel articles are not targeting longtail green keywords such as I am doing with my new niche site utilizing TKA strategies.

As of today my new niche site utilizing TKA strategies has each of my articles averaging $.33 each in earnings. To some people $.33 and earnings per article per month on average is very low however it is an increase from my info barrel articles. I feel that once I get to hundred or more articles on my niche site then my average earnings per article will tend to average out give me a more medium line to target.

I am utilizing a hybrid approach on my niche site. I target longtail keywords on most of the articles, however I all done write articles without particular keywords in mind and land them in later. My overall approach is to reach 2 million words written for my niche site. If my articles average about 650 words and I will have about 3076 articles when I reach my goal of 2 million words ran for my niche site. With 3076 articles each earning an average of $.33 each per month I will be earning around $1,015.00 each and every month with my niche site.

My average earnings per article may be higher than that and it could be lower, but I highly doubt it will be lower than my info barrel articles because I am actually utilizing longtail green keywords. Once I reach 500,000 words or more with my new TKA niche site I will continue adding new content to it however I may slow down on that site and begin another site within another niche.

I will analyze my stats and decide how to proceed but for now my goal is simply to reach 2 million total words written total for my niche site using TKA strategies. My 2 million words written using TKA strategies may end up being on just one site or a may start another site or to split it up among two or three sites.

In addition I will continue to write for InfoBarrel. I want to reach 2 million words written for my own niche sites and around two and half million words written for info barrel. With the huge number of articles on my own niche sites in info barrel I will tend to earn a lot more money regardless of whether I am earning $.22 per article, $.33 per article, or even more per article.

Increasing content production is very of work and regardless of what global you are at. If you are a brand-new writer at InfoBarrel it is vital that you spend the time necessary to write and publish 100 articles or more. If you only write one or two articles and then begin to change your Adsense stats every day wondering what you're not earning very much then you will be hugely disappointed in be more apt to quit.

If you've been at InfoBarrel a while and or receiving Adsense checks on a regular basis then you may want to begin receiving larger checks. The best way to do this is to increase your output in begin writing a lot more articles.

If you are an experienced writer like JC Mayer 777 who already earn over thousand dollars each month with info barrel then you'll want to get to that $2000 lovable and of the $3000 level and in then reach for the $4,000 dollars level per month. Regardless of how big of a check you receive for writing for info barrel your own niche sites will continually want to increase your earnings and the best way to increase your earnings is to drastically increase the number of articles you have, especially if they are targeting specific longtail green keywords.

This month I have been spending a lot of time focusing on my niche site, and now that there are only a few days left in the month am going to pump out some InfoBarrel content in order to increase my add share from 75% to 85%. This is a quick way to increase your earnings with info barrel especially if you have a large for folio of articles. An extra 10% increase in Adsense impressions will actually earn you more than 10% increase in actual Adsense earnings.

In addition to using the awesome resources at The keyword Academy I have also begun to use Keyword The keyword tool is simply amazing. If you run a niche site or a blog utilizing the WordPress platform software then it is well worth your time to sign up for a trial run with the keyword tool. Add the plug-in and follow the manual and it in no time you'll be discovering new longtail keywords, have them automatically grouped together for you, and instantly be able to tell which pages or posts on your site are broken. The automation of this is simply amazing.

Regardless of how many different websites I've been involved with including forums, blogs, e-commerce sites, and even image hosting sites one thing is always common with each and every website: the fact that you need unique articles in order to draw in traffic from search engines. If you're running an e-commerce website you not only need unique web content descriptions for each product that you also need a blog in order to communicate with your potential customers and current customers but more importantly to be able to draw in traffic searching for specific products in the Google search engine.

One day in the future on sure we'll all look back at this and laugh about how we were also stoked up on how you had to write articles in order to get search engine traffic. And the future as search drastically changes I am sure the importance of worded articles may not be as important in the future, but for now articles of the best way to drive traffic from the search engine regardless of the type of website you are running.

When people ask what I do for a job I no longer told them that I am a writer. People often a new one on or have major misconceptions or disappointed when they see some of my work. Many the people I know think of a writer is someone such as Mark Twain who is writing classically literature. That is not me. I write web content for the Internet in order to help sell and market products. I no longer tell people I am a writer but instead simply say that I am Internet marketer. I rarely get asked more after that is most people automatically assume they know what an Internet marketer does, however many of them actually have major misconceptions about the industry but it does keep me from having to answer numerous questions each and every time a person asked me what I do for a living.

In order to live off of my passive earnings in be able to make a full-time income without writing for other people for upfront pay than a need to focus on SEO longtail keywords and productivity. If I am productive banking continually pump out large numbers of articles for Info Barrel and my niche sites then I will be successful.

The main key to creating passive income is to continually be adding to the number of articles you have. An in-depth analysis of my InfoBarrel analytics shows that a large increase in the number of articles I have is followed up within 3 to 4 months by an increase in my AdSense earnings. The one exception to this was the panda update by Google.

If you want to begin experimenting with longtail keywords in implementing them at your article and I would highly suggest the following tools:

  • Free Longtail Keyword Searcher
  • The Keyword Academy