Do you remember the good old days when your only option when purchasing garden furniture consisted of deck chairs, plastic sun loungers supplemented by wafer thin cushions and those flimsy plastic chairs which the birds just adored doing their business all over? Well these stark times are well and truly consigned to the annuls you will be pleased to hear. There's a wide array of styles, fabrics and designs available to buy which work to create a unique and attractive outdoor space. There are even some adult hideaways, so you can keep dry and stay comfortable whilst revelling in the great outdoors.

If you had a little browse you would be surprised by the diversity of garden furniture available. Whilst completing a degree of research my eyes were certainly opened. The hideaways I've already highlighted are a perfect example of some of the more unique pieces. The reason these ever more imaginative items of garden furniture are in existence: the majority of the current garden furniture on sale is suitable for any weather, so you can leave it out all year round without having to worry about the damage resulting from the wind and rain.

Now not everyone's got a great imagination, if you're having trouble dreaming up a mental image of precisely what a garden snug involves, then give up. Allow your little mind to rest. I'll do the work on your behalf. It is a late summer's evening; the sun is falling in the sky but with the help of a flimsy knit cardigan you are just right. You are sprawled, with Merlot and book on your back garden hut. If it decides to rain you have the reassurance of a roof, ensuring you and your reading material stay dry. And above all, these pieces are easily big enough for two, so if you really wanted to, you could even invite a loved one

One of the main selling points of such beautifully engineered garden furniture is the aesthetics. These innovative items would add something to absolutely any garden. Whether you reside in an adorable country cottage or a modern town house, your back garden will embrace such an addition. I'm not saying it'll give your flowers a second chance at life, or make your vegetables taste any more nutritious, but it will look gorgeous, in all weathers, just waiting to be enjoyed.

The array of accessories available for gardens has flourished in the past 15 years or so, with a massive range of stylish flame oil torches, wall lights, deck lights and glass balustrades to choose from, which will give your garden just the right look and feel.

With the current lack of credit and mortgages not easy to come by, lot of individuals have turned to home renovations rather than a new of address, and what better time to overhaul your garden. With the wide range of beautifully engineered garden furniture on the market you can create your own back garden paradise.