When will a change come?

Thats a good question, are you sort of fed up with your current circmstances or your current posisition or maybe its your enviroment. I'm here to say it doesnt have to be that way. If you dont like how things are going for you right now I will be the first to say that it isnt going to do any good,sitting around and complaining about it. Now in order to see some real change on the outside it has start from the inside. Now reprogamming is the key fundamental to a successful change and you'r going to have to see it to believe it. So back to the matter at hand reprogramming yourself isnt going to be an easy method its actually a little journey. On the contrary once your done you will definately see a "new you" and positive benefits around you as well.  Here are the true steps to reprogram yourself and your mind.


1. Observe your thoughts

Be an active listener to the thoughts you are having all day. Be sure to actually observe them if you need to write them down on paper and jot down everything your thinking, go ahead. Really take the time to observe all your thoughts and the certain thought pattern leading to the next. Do not get upset if it gets a little hard at first, just view your thoughts as  a stream passing by and dont be entertained by thought just understand them.Restrain yourself from getting caught up in thought. Just be patient with it it takes time to understand the mind processessing and actually make it slow down. The whole pont behind this is so you understand and are able to control your thinking eventually, slowly but surely it takes some time.


2. Reinstall proper thinking

Once you  mastered observing your thoughts. You want to put in the proper kind of thinking so now when you know a thought pops up in your head and you dont like it, it can easily be replaced with a more charging thought. You want to have these charging thoughts throughout instead of thoughts that are not going to help or discharge those are not helping you or benefiting towards you. You need to reinvent yourself through the power of reinventing thought and a new powerful mindstate! That will only be charging you forward.


3. Visualize

Have  a certain idea or a path your going to take. And envision how you want to end up. Use you'r imagination to see yourself clearly. How do you feel, look,percieve things in the "new you". Imagine it as if your physically there. And believe in this.

4. Cut distractions

Any distractions you  feel you may have. You need to snip them away immediately because they wont be helping you attain what you truly want to harness. Its only going to get in your way. Be smart and anythign thats not helping you, you need to protect yourself from it. So do what it take to cut the distractions.  Remember what evers not helping you is only hurting. So if for example is negative people in your life try to get away from them if you can. If its an addiction thats harmful to you take steps to break out of it. It will only benefit you.

5. Get in the habit of performing good habits.

Take the time to realize what are your stregnths and weaknesses now that you cut out some of your distractions. Optimize yourself farther you want to be doing things that will leave you stronger and better. So understand what can help you. Think about 10 things you can do every single day that will get you closer to your goals and leave more refreshed and positive at the end. If you like excercising start performing everyday,  If you hvent tried reading pick up a book everyday. Do some positive things you never done before they can maxmize you and help. Once you get used to it and practice daily you will get in the habit of performing good habits, and you will soon be on your way to true succcess.


6. Stay Persistent

This is the final step but maybe the hardest of all. Some days you may feel like you have no energy or unmotivated and you may want to quit. Some times you will slip up, distractions will pop up and it can get very,very hard.  But do not give in. You have to stay persistent and trust  in yourself and remember what you visualize to get to your ultimate goal and leave your old you far behind. It may seem unachievable but if you are doing all these things that are helping you and you continue for a long time you will see changes, GUARANTEED.


Now, i explained all the steps to go forth and make a new you. Like i spoken about earlier, it can get difficult but try to stay focused. The Reprogamming phase is the first step to seeing any true change. Only once you adapted it and refurnished yourself. See it like you maybe a messy house no but everything is being rearranged and cleaned out to be put in new decorations to be a beautiful home! Now, what are you waiting for  go on and reprogam yourself.