First step-Go to the cupboard and grab a broom.

Second step- Hold it like an air guitar.

Third step- Play!

Seriously though, the thought of learning an instrument is daunting. You are probably thinking to yourself, “Don’t spend any money on lessons until I prove to myself that I get through the early fascination”. This is why I love the internet. Firstly, you will need a guitar. Next, just find the resources that are available and you are on your way.

I recommend a Google search for your favorite pop song, adding chords and lyrics after the title. This will give you access to the songs with the chords and lyrics attached to them, kindly submitted for free by someone who had nothing better to do that day. Next, you will need to tune your guitar. Search for online tuners and voila, tune you guitar for free. If you have never done this before, you may need some help from a musically inclined friend near your computer. Now, go back to the song, note the chords that are in it and search for guitar chord charts online. This will show you how to place your fingers on the freeboard of the guitar to make the right sound.  Once you have a few chords down, try to play along with the words. Now here is where it gets crazy. Search for free online beats and you will find drum machine websites that will give you a beat to play along with. Lastly, search for free online guitar backing tracks and you may even find the song you are learning recorded with all the parts except guitar  so you can sound like you are even playing with the band .

I did this with my daughter and she is already contemplating a performance in the school talent show. I do make it all sound easy, which it’s not by the way, but you will find out how serious you are very quickly. You won’t have spent any money (except for the guitar), and they look great hanging on the wall so no loss there. Don’t forget that if you can connect the fun of actually achieving some semblance of sound that is musical, your inspiration will help you tremendously. Being excited about practicing will take you to new places you never thought possible and you may even be able to describe yourself as a guitar player sooner than you think. Eric Clapton had to learn his first song at some point, so good luck!