What true love is

Love is

Love is. You can choose to be apart of it and use it, or not
Love is both simple and complex. Love requires nothing, it is that simple. But the interactions and emotions that love plays a part in, can create some very complex situations, leaving us with difficult choices and decisions.
We cannot live without love. Without the love of a parent, the child will die. There have been cases where children, starved of love, developed serious mental, and in some cases even physical disabilities. There should be no doubt that there is power in love, and for those who don't believe it, I truly feel sorry for them.

Love just is. True love has no variations, it may manifest in different ways physically, but love, I believe, is one of those cosmic truths that just is. And just like truth, love is. Truth also has no variations; If it has any, it is a lie. Pure love to me, therefore, is truth. True love. True love just is. It is there, here, all around us. We can either choose to be apart of it and use it, or not. It is that simple. But we forget that love is. We forget love is infinite and has no boundaries. We forget love doesn't have a hidden agenda, because love is truth and truth has no variations. We forget love doesn't love to be loved back. Love is infinite and doesn't need love in return to be, because love is.
Us mere mortals forget this. Some of us don't even know it, and some still, will never know.

We each have an ego, without which we wouldn't physically survive. It was probably very important in the dawning of man, but now it seems like a problem. The ego will forever want. The ego will only do something for reward. This is dangerous when it comes to love. If we do not know ourselves well enough to be able to control our ego, we run the risk of loving for reward or for an ulterior motive. That is not true love or truth. The decision for propagating true love and truth is the choice of the individual. Many people fall into the trap of loving for reciprocation. We want to feel love so much that we end up loving to be loved, and when the love is not returned, we become frustrated because our ego wants love. We become emotional and this distorts our perception ever so slightly, causing us to be in the wrong frame of mind. If we do not know ourselves well enough to control our ego, then our ego controls us with reigns of emotion.
Our ego wants to feel love so much that we forget about the other person, their feelings and emotions. We want the other person to love us back, despite their conflicting feelings. This causes emotions to fluctuate in both parties, resulting in frustration.

True love needs to be practised and exercised. We need to learn to love truly, without wanting anything in return. We need to learn self-control, self-awareness and not to love with ego. We cannot be taught by mainstream media on how to love, because the love that media and Hollywood sells is not true love. They sell the finite, physical and material love, not the infinite, boundless true love. I hope this has brought you some perspective, and I hope you may find truth and live in true love for all.