I have come to realize that raising fund assistance for Christmas is not that really hard at all. Christmas is in fact the time of the year when everyone wants to give. Giving to those most in need brings joy and happiness. It is a feeling of self fulfillment that even in our own small ways; we were able to share what we have to those who do not have.

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Since Christmas is truly a season of giving, there are a number of options for place where I can get help for Christmas, such as group or individuals start raising funds to help make Christmas more enjoyable for the less fortunate neighbors, homeless families on the streets, orphanages, home for the elders and many more. It is not a requirement that we are overflowing with riches to build fund raising assistance for Christmas. The desire to help is more important because it brings out the eagerness to help. Here is a list of where we can get help fund assistance for Christmas:


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Most businesses, either big or small know of their social responsibility. Some companies even have allocations and appropriations set aside for donations. Even bigger companies have set up their own foundations. Draft a solicitation letter stating clearly your purpose and how you will carry it out so that there is a big chance they are going to support you. Once your letters are ready, set an appointment with your working mother or father, or any relatives perhaps, and ask them to help you hand the solicitation letter to the admin department of their companies or you can walk in and hand over the solicitation letter to the admin person yourself. Ask them when can you come back to do a follow up.

Community Groups

There is a community that is ready to help with worthy activities everywhere around you. Home owners’ association, rotary clubs, and other network groups can also be a great area where you can tackle fund raising assistance for Christmas. Use the internet especially the social media like facebook, twitter, and also forums, the telephone directory or the yellow pages in searching for similar groups. These groups can even volunteer if they see it very worthwhile. You are hitting two birds with one stone, monetary and physical help as well.


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These entities also do fundraising for the needy any time of the year but surely, they cannot reach out to all those are in dire needs. They do notable outreach programs during Christmas times. These charities have with them generous benefactors that we cannot come into contact with and this is why they have funds that they can also share with smaller organizers of charity activities. You can tap on them and for sure your fund assistance for Christmas is on the way without you noticing.


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Churches are a great help with this kind of situations. They are, in the first place, for the people. Go to the church’s admin and ask for any programs they have for the people in need during the holiday. They may not give you big amount for your fund assistance but they can however hand you gifts in kind like food, clothing, and other donations by loyal followers, which could be of great help too.


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Yes, the people right near you, the nice post man who just passed by, the valiant policeman down the street, the mysterious man you walked beside with, that quiet person seated beside you in the bus or in the train or the person right next in your table where you are dining in. Every person you come in contact with whether he knows you or not. These are the people that can help you. Do not judge anyone based on looks, we never know the person who can give us help.


With the list above, it is easier for now to be looking for a place where I can get help for Christmas. Above are the groups of people where we can get help with anytime, not only during Christmas. The people behind the charities, companies and the church are all aware that there are people out in the road who are in need of fund assistance, who are looking for a place to get help for Christmas.

Looking for a place to get help for Christmas, I realize there are people out there who are willing to share the blessings they have to the help people who are in need. We may never be truly rich but there is an inner voice that compels us to share even how little we have, to give what we can afford to give, and feeling happy to make a change in someone’s life, to somehow make them feel better. For those who  are looking for a place to get help for Christmas, I hope this post can be of help.