Here we will see some steps and methods of washing cars, what could be done with household items we have at home.

* Newspaper and water is best for a quick cleaning of the windows in the car. Simply spray a small amount of water on the glass with a clean paper to remove dirt that have the moons. The same paper absorb all dirt from glass and give you a clean and bright finish.

* You must take extra care when cleaning the rear window with improper handling and forced the moon can move your seat.

* Before you start washing the car, we recommend starting with the wheels. Do not wash the wheels when they are hot due to conduction, for example after a trip to avoid cracking and galvanic corrosion.

* Do not use any type of bleach to clean the tires. This could lead to discoloration of the rim and tire.

* Use cleaning tools that are readily available, such as cotton cloth or a microfiber glove. Wash the car from top to bottom.

* Now is the turn of the trim inside the car. We upholstery fabric and leather. The first is cleaned using a brush in a slow circular motion lightly pushing on the fabric. In the process, making the use of water as possible. To remove stubborn stains can be done using a fabric cleaner. Great care must be applied when clean upholstery leather. Use your favorite leather cleaner with a damp cotton cloth. For best results it is advisable to clean upholstery leather more than once.

* Clean interior plastics is quite simple and can use the appropriate cleaner for plastics. Never use a strong detergent as this can cause irreparable damage to plastics. Use a small brush to reach the most hidden corners and difficult to access. The flats and sight are cleaned with a slightly damp cloth.

* The engine is the heart of the car and taking good care along with an engine cleaning once a month adds life to your car. Remember, this cleaning is done with the engine cold, never hot, first because it can cause damage to ourselves and second can cause damage by spraying water on a hot engine. The first thing to do is cover with some plastic electrical parts such as the alternator and the electronic control unit. Use a brush to remove dirt and dust on the hood of the car, vents and grilles aderturas. Use a good engine degreaser, diluted before applying to the motor. With a hose or pressure washer machine motor clarify that there are no remains of the suceidad and degreaser. And finally let it dry with the hood open and subsequent removal of the protective plastic.