This morning a read an article on the Wall Street Journal's "Smart Money" site about 4 reason why you should not buy the New iPad. The original article can be read at the Smart Money site, and you can read my response on the comments there as well.

There's so much outright misinformation in this article. Let me make some corrections on a point-by-point basis.

1) The retina display is not evolutionary. It is truly revolutionary. The point here is that there is no need to ever go beyond the pixels on a retina display because the human eye won't be able to tell the difference. Have you ever tried to read a book at 720p resolution on a back lit screen? Boy does it fatigue the eye. Text crispness is important when it comes to reading. For gamers who game on tablets, which there are tens of millions worldwide (who you conveniently ignore with this article) a retina display is another revolutionary change. This will allow an unprecedented amount of detail and clarity a la Infinity Blade Dungeons.

2) There's a reason why thinness is important with a tablet, more important than say a TV. Thickness and weight add fatigue in your hands, wrists and arms over time. Yes it makes the tablet more fragile, but if you can't be bothered to use a case of some sort, you deserve to have a busted tablet of any brand.

3) The article writer obviously did not do some basic research before writing about Apple Care. The New iPad only uses the new Apple Care + insurance, which is slightly more costly, but DOES cover accidental damage at ~$45 per incident. Way to be ignore the truth.

4) All the laptop-style attachments are for people who either don't like a touchscreen interface or for those who have trouble using it for very specific purposes. Also, a $500 laptop can't do many of the things an iPad can do. This is so obvious, I don't know how the writer could possibly try to state otherwise. First, battery life is far superior on iPad. Second, it runs iOS with a touchscreen interface with apps designed to use that interface. Third, the retina display far exceeds the resolutions any $500 laptop is capable of. There's many more, but I will let others use some basic common sense to see why that statement is ridiculous and inaccurate.

5) Yes there are less expensive products. Apple charges a premium for a premium product. iOS is incredibly stable, doesn't waste battery life when multitasking and is awesomely responsive to touch because it prioritizes touch input over anything else. This makes iOS more responsive to your touches than Android ever will be regardless of device power, because Android does not prioritize touch input in terms of processing.

Also, your figure for available apps simply ignores that the 200,000 threshold is for iPad are only apps designed exclusively for iPad. The Apple app store also has over 500,000 apps for iPhones, the bulk of which will work on iPad. This makes the total number of apps closer to maybe 650,000 total apps working on iPad when you account for universal apps and a few here and there that simply don't work on iPad yet.

Mr. Fottrell, please check your facts before writing such a clearly anti-Apple propagandistic article. You have twisted or ignored the facts in order to portray the new iPad in a negative light. Shame on you.