Let me tell you about Sparkpeople.

Now this is not a referral article, far from it. You see, Sparkpeople is 100% free. It is free forever, for all that it contains. Now you think of how much the diet industry is worth and then you will truly see how amazing this place is.

I have never fully understood why people go to places such as Slimming world, Weight watcher's or Rosemary Connelly type meetings. Do they not realise the money they pay weekly to those people would pay for a few things. Here are some of the things the average £6 a week can buy you towards losing weight.

A skipping rope, fresh fruit and vegetables, two swimming sessions, a gym membership. There are probably lots more but you get my point. 


Afterwards however, I became envious of the friendships these people form and support they give each other. But I still can not afford to pay money for someone to advise me. Not when I am a superior internet surfer who is use to getting everything for free.


I found Sparkpeople.com by socializing on Facebook funnily enough. Well through a friend that had signed up over nine months before. I was extremely sceptical when she told me to try, as it is mainly based in the USA and Canada. However there are also a few British people on there also.


I now can not believe that this was way back in 2008. How time flies when your busy looking after children! I signed up to the site and was allowed to set up my very own profile page. I set up my own weight tracker and every week I input my weight. You can do this as regularly as you wish to.


Sparkpeople also have a number of their own on-line features. The weight tracker as mentioned is one feature, but also diet planning, calorie calculators and diaries and boot camp videos. The feature I liked best was that you could also calculate how many calories you had burnt by inputting the activity taken and how long you had done the activity.


The support groups are just so helpful and motivating, that in my opinion I can not see any of the paid sites EVER coming anywhere close to this fabulous community.


There are no fad diets or regimes here. They go on the simple equation of calories taken in verses calories expelled. And they will recommend doing it healthily, without putting you in any danger. They even work out how many calories that you should be consuming a day to stay active, healthy and have enough energy to exercise whilst losing weight. Even if you have specialist needs or suffer an ailment such as diabetes, PCOS, or thyroid problems, they have support groups to help and support you whilst you battle with the bulge.