NetChef Sits Right on your Kitchen Bench with 10's of 1000's of Recipes

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Are you a busy cook at home? Always looking to give your family variety in their meals, but no time to sift through old recipe books?

Well then this review of a quality electronic product will probably be a solution for you.

We are going to look at the Sungale NetChef Networked Kitchen Recipe Device with 8'' LCD Screen

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Sungale NetChef Networked Kitchen Recipe Device with 8'' LCD Screen


Its features are considerable, here are just some:

  • 8" hi-resolution LCD screen displays recipes in a shiny way
  • Unique counter top design brightens your kitchen
  • Hundreds of recipes preloaded
  • Unlimited recipes from cloud database
  • Elaborately sorted recipes expedite your search
  • Utilize YouTube and other Applications for additional helpful cooking tips and recipes
  • Save your favorite cuisine in the internal memory
  • Touch screen and user-friendly interface for easy operation
  • Timer and Unit Converter to assist your cooking
  • Additional functions: Browser, Maps,Weather, Twitter, Facebook...

Wow, with all that capability you will never run out of family recipes again; and all wirelessly networked at your fingertips, and all for around $260!

Think of the advantages of having a collection of thousands of - well unlimited actually recipes right there at your fingertips in one clean neat and tidy electronic unit there on your kitchen. No more fiddling through messy and confusing recipe books or wads of clippings that Aust Shirley gave you in the 70's! Constantly updated, the NetChef's database will provide you with an endless variety of meal or snack ideas. You can search by type of food, main ingredient, or even follow your favorite professional chefs, right along to a preferred home cook who has contributed their top ideas. And what a great gift suggestion as well?

The NetChef has proven a popular winner with its customers. Here is just one opinion:

"This is exactly what I needed. I bought NetChef 10 days ago. It offers plenty of categorized recipes as well as some good video cooking clips. The touch screen is easy to go through to find what I'm in the mood to make. The measurement converter and timer on it are helpful and there's a built in browser if I need to look up anything. ... I do love this cute smart kitchen appliance"


So a very happy customer among the hundreds who have invested in this appliance.

And while we are on the topic of all things cooking, are your kitchen utensils in need of replacement? Yes, you could buy them one by one at the supermarket, of instead have a quality selection home delivered. Have a look at the picture for an example of a well designed collection of 14 kitchen utensils, all with top shelf silicone grips.

Oxo Kitchen UtensilsCredit: amazon

OXO Good Grips 15-Piece Everyday Kitchen Tool Set

Again a product that has proven very welcome to those who bought it:

"These are well worth the money. the Pizza cutter and the plane grater are especially useful. The kitchen tools in this set are all great! good grips indeed!"

"Everything you need but the kitchen sink ... A great assortment of essential kitchen gadgets"

"Great Addition to the Kitchen ... Love the high quality products. This set is very complete and a great addition to the kitchen. Perfect for those setting up a new home"


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Now with either of these products, you may feel you need them yourself, or perhaps you are thinking what a great gift idea they would make. For a birthday, Christmas, a
wedding present or what about a house warming thought?


And I'll leave you with that thought right there!

Happy Cooking.