Earn money by answering and asking questions


I joined the site I am about to tell you about a few months ago. Well over six months ago now. I wanted to leave a good length of time pass before really giving people my opinion of this question and answer site.


Webanswers.com still states it is a Beta site but has been running successfully for over 3 years now.It is a very simple enrollment.You do not get paid by webanswers what so ever. So you can work there whether you have an adsense account or not. Even if you do not yet have an Adsense account, it has been suggested that this is one of the best sites to use to apply for an Adsense account. That is not to say that you can behave any way you wish just to get your Adsense account.

You first of all need to gain 10 well formed answers and then apply for your Google Adsense account. If you have one already then all the better and you can start earning straight away.


This is not a social site so there is no following or voting. You only have to make a decision about other members answers when you award the best answer. That is for when you write your own questions. The best way to make money and help people is to predominently answer questions though.


Do not spam the site with your links. This is NOT a place to create backlinks in. You will get your account banned if you do so. However you can and are completely welcome to add your site links to your profile page. I myself have my Hubpage link on mine.


The way you earn money is you get a share of the Ad revenue. If you have been awarded an answer you will get a straight 60 % . But there is also an amount that is shared with an open question that you have answered. If a question goes unawarded you will have a share from your answer, depending on how good you quality score is will depend on your share. So remember this and write well and good length, (paragraphs) if possible answers.


My experience has been a really friendly one. I have learnt so much about where else I could earn money on line and the best methods to do so. As far as my earnings go. I only really have earnings from webanswers.com so far and no where else. I have hit the payout threshhold twice and am currently a third of the way to a third in six months. I have been told that is fabulous. Others that have a larger stock of answers and length of time on webanswers has meant they get checks of $200 plus every month. Google Panda did a bit to damage this but the administration team are fantastic and worked hard to get rid of the material that was pulling the site down and they are always there to make sure the site runs smoothly.


So what ever you feel you can contribute to answering peoples questions I urge you to take a look. Professional advisors are also desperately needed.