NEX 3 Camera


NEX 3 Camera Pros

  • Great image quality due to its DSLR size sensor
  • Nice nighttime shots
  • Easy handling
  • Fast shot taking
  • Autofocus video mode


NEX 3 Camera Cons

  • Easily scratched screen
  • Awkward user interface
  • Lack of lenses on market

Full Review

The Sony NEX 3

The Sony NEX 3 camera features a revolutionary set of features that have set a new level for picture taking. The NEX 3 comes with a slew of functions that will entice both beginner and moderately advanced camera users alike. The new camera offers a detachable lens system, a regular DSLR sensor found in other Sony Alpha camera models, the ability to autofocus in video mode, a bright LCD screen, and a very compact size. The camera is not perfect and has a less than helpful interface for users want to use its advanced features. On the other hand, it has a nice tutorial system built into the camera to help users take pictures in different settings. Not only is the camera easy to hold and carry, it has a solidly built feel to its body and lens. While it may not fit in a pocket, its weight is far lower than a traditional DSLR camera.

The Compact Size and Features

The NEX 3 camera is not a point and shoot, even with its compact size. It uses a manual zoom lens like traditional DSLR cameras and requires some photographic knowledge to get maximum use out its features. Fortunately the camera comes with a very good intelligent auto mode and offers helpful hints for beginning photographers. Sony deliberately made the camera easy to use without changing the settings. On the other hand, this simplified system may make it harder for advanced users to change the settings for different scene shots. However, as long as one is working with one type of scene or type of shot, then this should not be a major issue.

DSLR Image Quality

Anyone stepping up from point and shoot cameras will immediately notice DSLR level of image quality. Since the NEX 3 camera uses a regular sensor, the images are far superior to that of regular point and shoot cameras including night shots. Whereas a point and shoot camera would produce grainy pictures without adequate light, the NEX 3 camera can produce clearer, more visible images without as much noise. Another great feature of the camera's impressive image quality is the option to magnify sections of photos without a loss of image quality.

In terms of the selection of lenses, there is a current lack of native lenses available. Fortunately there are adapters that use regular Sony Alpha camera lenses. Sony is also bringing out a longer zoom lens as well. .

Special Functions

The NEX 3 camera offers a wide range of special functions. One function is the panorama sweep feature. Like some of the Cybershot series cameras, the NEX 3 can take a sweep of pictures and automatically create panoramic scenes. The technology is not perfect but some of the scenes are quite stunningly if done correctly. Unfortunately the technology is not perfect and in some shots there are moving objects that appear as multiple copies or as blurred images. Some of the night modes may take getting used to. A handheld twilight mode can be used to obtain less blurry night shots.

The low profile and compact size will appeal to many casual photographers. However, unless one buys the pancake lens produced by Sony , the camera unit will never be as compact as a typical compact point and shoot. On the other hand, the camera is easier to handle and hold than a traditional DSLR camera. It can be taken out and used to take photos on the fly without as much preparation as other cameras might require.

In Closing

In terms of the unit's image quality, easy handling, and its smaller size, customers may find the camera to be exactly what they need. On the other hand, there are those that will either stay with traditional DSLR cameras or keep on using their pocket sized point and shoot cameras. The current pricing of the NEX 3 camera has dropped a little with ongoing sales. Like all cameras, customers should probably try out the unit before making a purchase. The NEX 3 is a nice addition to new camera technologies that are taking the market by storm and hopefully will find a good place in customer's hearts.