What are Hold up/Stay up stockings?


Stockings that use a suspender belt

Hold up stockings are stockings that you can wear with out having to use a suspender belt. They use invisible bands of adhesive strips that are made of a type of gel, sewn in to the top band of the stockings, to give a secure and reinforced hold.

Unlike a lot of reviews I am not bias to either Hold ups or Suspenders, I like them both and feel they both have their own purpose for a woman. 

The support a suspender belt gives you means you can work and play harder with out worrying that your stockings are about to roll down on you.

Hold up stockings can give cleaner lines with out the humps and bumps of the suspender clips. Some people feel they are a little more modern also, but Stockings and suspenders are back in fashion thanks to people like Lady Gaga, Dita Von Teese,Beyonce and other celebrities that have brought that 1940s feel back to fashion.



Hold up/Stay up stockings

I would say that if you are too worried that the Hold ups will roll down on you, ( which they seem to only do if you have a size that is too small for you) then buy a cheap pair and wear them around the house whilst you get use to the bands, although you will be quickly converted to Hold up stockings as they are very very good at staying in place with the see through sticky bands on the top of the stocking.

I would say that the positives of Hold up stockings are they make your legs look longer, sleeker and sexier. You can get patterned hold up stockings or plain stockings, there is a massive collection of Hold up stockings on Amazon.

One of these Hold up stockings available are from a company called Footsmart. Sheer firm support thigh highs( another name for Hold ups). These sheer firm support thigh high stockings are sold for $19.99 and come with a five star customer review

Some of the comments include the fact that these stockings are much more durable and long lasting than other makes of stockings. One customer is a nurse and states she uses this brand of stocking because she needs the firm support as with her job she obviously is on the move for most of the day, so her stockings have to work hard.

Footsmart have hit the nail on the head with a mix of a reasonable price at $19.99, durable, flexible and hardwearing whilst sexy, sleek, available in four different shades. You really need to try a pair or two and see the difference between these quality stockings and the cheap stockings you may or may not have tried.

As if that wasn't good enough these stockings from Footsmart also have a medical benefit of being compression stockings but look like normal stockings and not medical ones at all. That means that they are brilliant for any woman who is worried about varicose veins. How can you not wear stockings that keep your legs looking young?