Ringing Ears? Could be tinnitus

What is Tinnitus?

If you have a constant ringing, buzzing, humming, whistling, or even a clicking sort of noise which may come and go or be there constantly, and it's found to be in one or both of your ears, you may have what is known as Tinnitus. The word comes from an old Latin word tinnitus that translates to a "ringing" or internal sound within the ear. Those who suffer from Tinnitus commonly complain that the problem ranges from minor and barely perceptible to extremely irritating and distracting.

Though there are certain drugs available they have proved to be ineffective for most of the part. In fact a Holistic Approach to Treating and Preventing Tinnitus permanentaly is more desirable.

Tinnitus is a symptom rather than a disease

The obvious question here is "What causes Tinnitus?" Tinnitus may be the result of a wide variety of conditions but is not considered a disease itself. Among the more common causes are extremely loud noises, infection of the ear, foreign objects introduced into the ear, fluid build up, ear wax build up, a cold or allergies that affect ear drainage, and even a hardening of the ears interior walls. However the most common cause of Tinnitus seems to be related to loud sounds causing damage to the inner ear. Those who wear headphones while listening to loud music have a high rate of developing Tinnitus. The problem with Tinnitus is the fact there is actually no way to test for the malady. Each individual has his or her own perception of how it feels and how seriously it affects their everyday life. Some people have been known to be suicidal as a result of the constant noise "inside their head" while others simply learn to live with it and go about their daily lives only slightly irritated.

When a problem interferes with normal sleep it becomes serious

While Tinnitus is a common malady with approximately one out of every five people saying they have the condition, it is quite common in the 55 to 65 age range. Perhaps their ears have become subjected to more damaging sounds over the years or their ear structure has simply aged to a point of being more sensitive to external abuse. Often Tinnitus is found in combination with hearing loss, often in one ear more so than the other. Before Tinnitus sufferers blame themselves for damaging their ears by way of loud music or over active ear wax removal, they need to understand there are many causes of the problem that may be out of our control. The side effects of some medications such as aspirin or other analgesics can cause a temporary ringing in the ears and if this proves to be the case simply changing to another medication may solve the issue.

The best remedy is prevention

Of course the best remedy for most any problem is to prevent it from happening to begin with. Protecting our ears from damage will help lower the odds of any damage occurring but this is easier to say than do. Treating the problem once it has become permanent will vary depending on the individual and how bothersome they find Tinnitus to be. Surgical procedures such as gamma knife radio-surgery or implanting Teflon shielding have proven effective in some cases but as with any surgery, there are risks involved. Electrical stimulation is yet another method of providing some relief.

Treating Tinnitus with drugs is controversial

While injecting Lidocaine into the inner ear may help suppress noises perceived by Tinnitus sufferers, it is only a temporary solution. Benzodiazepine or diazepam have been shown to offer some relief but use of these drugs brings about high risks associated with such drugs, such as becoming highly addicted. Some drugs however can be beneficial to Tinnitus sufferers and they include Tricyclics, Zinc, Etidronate (sodium fluoride), melatonin, Ginkgo Biloba, and combinations of vitamins. Cognitive therapy has also proven to be of benefit for many who suffer from Tinnitus. Many simply learn to live with the sound and it can become insignificant.

Holistic Approrach to Dealing With Tinnitus

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