Apple is not a fruit anymore, it is the first name of a revolution in the software design field and multimedia gadgets. To be more precise, Apple manufactures incredible devices that are very good at what they do. First it was the iPod, which became more than a music player device, allowing you to display videos and pictures in a compact device. Then, Apple designed the iPhone, which was more than a phone. It includes numberless applications, all downloadable from Apple's online store and touch screen technology. But the perfect clarity of HD video and the smooth design based on simplicity wasn't enough for Apple. Recently, with a long waiting list and sales that exceeded all expectations, Apple released the iPad.

iPad is a wonderful device to add to your life. Apart from the delight of having so many new applications in one place, feeling the new touch of the latest technology, contented in a slim case touch screen of the size of a magazine, you might be tempted to take a look at the many accessories for iPad. It is said that the accessories sometimes make for the gadget itself, so here are a few you might be interested in:

          The iPad case

Apple iPadThis is one of my favorite accessories for iPad. It costs $39 on the Apple website. The iPad case is designed exclusively for the iPad, so that the device fits perfectly in its padded case. It is perfect for transportation but not only. If you flip its front cover, you obtain a great support for your iPad, to make it stand vertical if you want to watch a movie or slideshow, or simply to transform the iPad into an ergonomically angled keyboard when writing longer texts.

          The Keyboard

If you find it difficult to type on a touch-screen keyboard, there is a solution. This Keyboard has a dock incorporated, which acts as a support for your iPad. Using this keyboard, you can activate corresponding features on your iPad. The dock has two functions: one for a stereo system, and one to connect to a camera, to a computer or simply to recharge the batteries using a USB Power Adapter. They charge you for this item with $69. Or, at the same price, you can get the Wireless Keyboard which connects with your iPad via Bluetooth technology.

         The Wires and Cables

Unfortunately, the world still relies on USB and we can't dispense of it yet. These are very important accessories for iPad. Whether they come with your iPad and one day they become damaged, or just want to "accessorize" your iPad, it might come in handy to know where to find them.

The Apple Store offers you genuine products like the Earphones with Microphone included (for about $29), In-Ear headphones with Microphone ($79), USB Power Adapter ($29), Camera Connection Adapters for USB and SD cards ($29), iPad Dock ($29) and Composite AV Cable ($49).

All these great accessories for iPad will make your slate tablet seem the best experience ever.