For generations the abs have long been considered the ultimate goal of a well defined body. To have a great set of abs you need to have low body fat and be in excellent shape but you must also fight with the many unreliable exercise methods which are supposed to tone the abs. Many of them are dangerous and many of them do not actually work the abs like we expect that they should. In recent years the ab toning belt has entered the scene as a viable alternative to traditional exercises. Now the big question is do ab toning belts work? The answer probably depends on what your goal is and which ab toner slimming belt you use.

Ab Machines vs. The Ab Belt

Best Ab Toning Belt SystemBefore you ca decide if an abs toning belt is right for you, you need to first understand how they work in comparison to traditional ab exercise equipment. Ab exercise equipment generally works by requiring your core to flex and either bend or twist to create the contraction necessary for a good workout. The problem with this is that the strain of bending and twisting can be difficult on your back especially if you are lifting any significant weight.


In comparison, a muscle stimulator or ab toning belts cause the muscle to contract without the necessity of physical twisting. This minimizes injury. The ab toning belt also tones rather than builds bulky muscle which helps the stomach remain flat and slender.


The Ab Toning Belt

There are a number of ab toning belts that you can pick up at the store from a variety of brands. The Ab Gymnic electric abdominal toning belt is a good option as is the products from the Slendertone system abs. In case you are unsure the differences between the various manufacturers and the benefits of each ab belt there are a number of review sites which can offer you information on the differences between each individual belt. For Ab toning belt reviews online you may want to review a few as many review sites are tying to sell you an ab exercise system or machine.

Simple features of these ab toning belts which are fairly common across the various systems is the pads which touch the stomach. For instance Slendertone pads which are included in the Slendertone ab belt system. Is this the best ab toning belt? Probably for some people but not for all. You really need to determine what features are right for you and the amount of credence you put in the ad stimulator. Some people swear by them and thus will use them far more often.

If you are looking for an ab toning belt to just test out the water then you surely will want to get your feet wet by testing the product lines of Abgymnic, Ab Tonic, and Slendertone as these are name brands and more widely trusted. If you find that ab toning belts fit with your philosophy and work for you then you can work your way up tio the more expensive and feature packed options that these brands have to offer. Above all however any ab machine or muscle stimulator will do noting if you don't lose the belly fat and to do that you have to burn those calories and watch what you eat. There is no magic bullet. Do the work and you'll have a great physique in the end.