There are various abdominal equipment on the market to help you get that ripped belly commonly known as the 6 pack, from the exercise ball to the abdominal chair and plenty of other more obscure and dubious contraptions. However amongst those only a few of them are really worth it. The health and fitness field is full of flight by night operations keen on selling you the latest magic pill to give you a beach body in a week while you sleep. Fortunately, we all know better.

Getting strong abdominal muscles take a lot of dedication and hard work. Let's be honest, equipment, be it an abdominal chair or other, is not needed for abdominal work. Good old crunches and other abdominal exercises on the floor, preferably on a padded mat, are all you really need. But some people like having equipment so why not. When it comes to abdominal chairs you have to options. You have the Roman chair which looks more like an articulated bench than a chair and then you have other chairs which look more like lounge chairs. Most gyms across the country will be equipped with Roman chairs, as for the latter, do not bother. If a chair looks so comfy you could have a nap in, do you really think you'll be pushed to work hard and give your best? The efficiency of such chairs is dubious at best. If you want to go for an abdominal chair, get a Roman chair with which you will be able to do sit ups and back exercises.

Another interesting alternative to the abdominal chair is the exercise ball. The exercise ball is a great way not only to build your abs but also your core muscles and stabilizer muscles. This is because your body will have to constantly make micro adjustments to maintain equilibrium (not falling over) and thus will give your ab workouts another dimension compared to an abdominal chair in which the workout is less dynamic.

Abdominal chairs, exercise balls and more are all well and good but as you probably know, just doing abdominal exercise will not give you a six pack. Abdominal workouts have to be combined with a rigorous diet plan if you ever want to see your abs shine through. As a matter of fact, diet is more important than abs workouts in your quest for a flat belly. Some people can get a six pack just by following a strict diet and doing moderate amount of physical exercise without really doing any specific abdominal exercise at all. In short, after buying your abdominal chair, the next thing you might want to purchase is a good diet book for athletes!