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Conditioning workouts have to be an element of any mountain mountaineering exercise plan. Continue reading and learn more about some important abdominal workouts for mountain climbers and weekend hikers.

Improvement at mountaineering is not limited to the most apparent and visible areas, like mountaineering endurance, better upper-body strength as well as mountaineering technique. One other important part of the equation is developing balanced and strong back muscles. Main benefits of balanced and strong back will probably be most pronounced on steep rocks, because a strong back makes it much easier to both keep the feet on the wall as well as to regain a foothold should they pop off.

Back Muscles Conditioning Through Mountaineering

As already mentioned, main advantages of balanced and strong back muscles are the most visible, in general, on steep rocks. Therefore, training on overhanging rocks will help climber develop a much stronger back solely by mountaineering. It is possible to notice how the back can help on less-steep rocks by just tightening the back muscles consciously when trying a hard move as well. Usually, this is the main difference between failure and success.

Mountaineering will unquestionably result in stronger back muscles. On the other hand, mountain climbers or weekend hikers looking to improve their mountaineering skills have to think about adding extra back conditioning workouts to their training program. Much like other areas of mountaineering training, by isolating the target muscle groups or movements, the mountain climber or weekend hiker will probably notice more consistent and faster results than they would by mountaineering alone.

A Climber or Weekend Hiker - Specific Back Workout
Rock Climbing
Basically, this workout replicates the sensation of having the feet come off of a mountaineering route and having to put them back on. It has another benefit of working grip strength as well. This workout is very hard, and it will be hard on the back. Therefore, consulting the professional before trying it is recommended. What's more, it is a good idea to think about changing this workout by using a captain's chair for a much better back support.

A Simple Back Conditioning Workout and New Abdominal Workouts

In case a climber is on a time schedule or does not have all the workout-gear necessary, it is a good idea to add a ten minute back conditioning workout to the mountaineering training program. This simple yet effective workout has the benefits of requiring no additional gear, but nonetheless targeting all of the main back muscle groups.

Mountaineering training should be improved by the standard, home-use of a hang-board, weight vest as well as workout bands.

One other good option for climbers or weekend hikers looking to add a back workout to their training program is to sign up for a back conditioning class. Some mountaineering gyms offer targeted back conditioning courses for mountain climbers or weekend hikers. Also, forms of exercise like yoga as well as Pilates usually offer great back strengthening workouts.