Belly fat is the colloquial name for abdominal obesity. Most people feel embarrassed and totally unfit because of it, since belly fat has more implications than just the increase in the waist size. The fat deposits on the outside indicate that there is also fat wrapped around the internal organs in the abdominal cavity, which impairs the body functions and leads to chronic disease. There are many causes and explanations for the appearance of belly fat, but the ultimate truth and reality is that the body consumes less energy than it accumulates, which leads to imbalances and fat storage. Belly fat is commonly associated with a sedentary lifestyle, overeating and several chronic diseases. It could also develop as a side effect for the administration of certain prescription medication. Belly fat has close connections with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and many others. Medical exams conducted periodically should indicate whether any of these ailments is in progress or just predictable as a consequence of abdominal obesity. The measures taken against belly fat vary depending on the severity of the condition. People who act against the accumulation of fat deposits in the early stages of waist size increase have lower chances of developing the beer belly. It is also easier to lose weight when you haven't put on too many pounds. In the more advanced obesity stages, the effort put on the body is higher, and the weight loss process becomes more strenuous and therefore demanding. You should start by identifying the causes that trigger belly fat. It's time you were totally honest with yourself, and decide what you want to do with your body and your life. Therefore, my recommendation is to carefully analyze your lifestyle, your meals, the food you have, with likes and dislikes, the sleeping pattern, the level of physical activity performed daily and so much more. Your age, sexual activity, health condition, and the use of certain drugs could also be conclusive for the matter. If you can't perform the self-analysis on your own because you don't know where to start and what to follow, you have no reason to feel bad about it. Yet, do not neglect the importance of getting expert or professional guidance so as to set things on the right course. Your health care provider can offer all the necessary guidelines for you to start eliminating belly fat successfully and progressively. May you enjoy great health and an excellent body shape!