Aberdeen Idaho is a small farming and potato processing town located in southern Idaho in Bingham county near American Falls Idaho. The Aberdeen High school mascot is the Tiger. Aberdeen Has a weekly newspaper called the Aberdeen Times. The 2000 census shows a total of 1,840 people residing in Aberdeen. Agriculture is a huge part of this community as many jobs are either farming or farming related.

Simplots has a large potato processing plant in Aberdeen. According to Simplots website their Simplots Aberdeen processing plant manufactures many varieties and cuts of french fires including batter coated fries as well as tater gems, hashbrowns and Cornados.

The University Of Idaho has a research center In Aberdeen. The University of Idaho Research and Extension Center.

The most famous resident of Aberdeen would probably be Steve Hayes. Steve Hayes played professional basketball in the NBA and prior to that played basketball for Idaho State University in Pocatello. Steve Hayes was drafted in the 4th round of the NBA draft in 1977 by the New York Knicks. He played in the NBA for 5 seasons.

More memorable than anything was Steve Hayes college career at Idaho State University. In 1977 during the NCAA tournament Idaho State got matched up against UCLA. UCLA was on track to win another national championship and Idaho State was considered just a small "blip" on their radar. UCLA expected to come in and easily advance to the next round of the tournament. After all, UCLA was the most dominant team in the college ranks and most of the country expected them to win another championship that year. Everybody that is except for Steve Hayes and the Idaho State basketball team.

Idaho State beat UCLA 76-75. Helped in large part by 7 foot Steve Hayes who scored 27 points.

In total Steve Hayes played 11 years in pro basketball including his playing time in the CBA and overseas pro ball leagues. In the NBA he played for Utah, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Seattle, and Detroit.

To see a picture of Steve Hayes grabbing a rebound in front of Dr. J during an NBA game you can visit this web page.

Another resident of Aberdeen Idaho who has made a name for himself is Steve Stoker. Steve Stoker has written a few books about Aberdeen Idaho. He talks about growing up in Aberdeen and small town pranks. His books are a must read for anyone, weather you are from the Aberdeen Idaho area or anyone that simply wants to reminisce about what small town life use to be like. His three published books are "Aberdeen Stories", "Aberdeen Hi Jinks", and "Beyond Aberdeen, A Bluejacket Diary".

Mennonites have heavily influenced the area. Although there is still a Mennonite population in and near Aberdeen, Mormons seem to be the predominant religion but there are also many Catholics with all of the Mexicans that live in the area and also the majority of the Migrant Workers are Catholic.

Although Aberdeen Is still a small community the future looks very bright.