The summer is arriving and many people want rock hard abs to show off at the beach. There are a lot of possibilities to get these rock hard abs. You can join a gym and go oldschool by crunch every day 100 times. You can do these crunches of course also within the comfort of your own home. One other option is to purchase a abdominal belt. There is a big variety of ab belts available on nowadays market, the Abgymnic abdominal belt is the latest one and therefor we are going to review it.

Many people are skeptical against abdominal belts because of the many belts available on the market. There have been produced a lot of cheap belts that can not deliver the results many people expect. The Abgymnic is cheap but delivers results, it is also an FDA approved belt. This means the belt is tested and safe to use.

The Abgymnic belt work like almost all other belts by stimulating the abdominal muscles with small electrical pulses. The Abgymnic is very versatile because you can use it on arms, legs, bottoms and of course the main muscles: the abs. It has 6 preprogrammed exercise routines for beginner to expert use. You can best begin with one of the easy programs and built it up when you think you are ready for it. In 10 minutes time your abdominal muscles crunch about 600 times with the Abgymnic, where do you get those results? Nowhere!

If you think you are going to loose a lot of pounds only using the Abgymnic you are wrong. The Abgymnic is a good addition to your daily or weekly exercise program. Doing a normal amount of cardio next to the Abgymnic program does work! You will tone your abs and loose weight at the same time. You can easily hide the Abgymnic underneath your shirt without people noticing it.

The Abgymnic ab belt features a twin unit or a quad unit, with the twin unit you can work at two muscles at the same time and with the quad unit four muscles. It also includes a bottle of gel, the gel applies on the body which mkaes sure the signal stays strong. It also comes with a CR 2032 battery. The quad unit is a little bit pricier then the two unit but you can work at two more muscles so it's worth the extra money.

You can purchase the Abgymnic belt online or at your local fitness store.